In the Arms Of Sahyadri : The Highest Peak Of Maharashtra (KALSUBAI PEAK).

8th Jul 2019
Photo of In the Arms Of Sahyadri : The Highest Peak Of Maharashtra (KALSUBAI PEAK). by Disha Solanki
Day 1

On 29th of June, half of us gathered at CST Station and boarded a train at 6:44am for Kasara. The other people who joined us boarded the same train from Dadar and Ghatkopar. We all met at Kasara Station and proceeded towards Bari Village (Base Village for Kalsubai Peak). We had booked a private car from Kasara to the base village.
Around after one and a half hour at 12:00pm we reached the village and moved on towards the food stall to have our breakfast before we start our trek. Before having our breakfast we introduced ourselves to each other so as we could know about each one of them. We had Upma and Tea for our breakfast. At 1pm we had done with our breakfast and other things and we began for our trek.
So at the start we had to cross a small river but not a very small one. The water of the river was upto the knees or below. Everyone was in the middle of the river and were taking pictures. After the pictures were done we proceed ourselves for the trek. We reached the 1st Checkpoint of our trek to Kalsubai. From there the actual thrill starts towards the peak. The Climate during our trek was really pleasant. It was not raining heavily so that saved our day. Moving further there were lot of food stalls at a gap of 1 hr. So we were consuming little bit of snacks and stayed hydrated. Whenever you go for a trek make sure that you are well hydrated this gives you the energy and you don't feel restless. Moving on we continued our trek, took a lot of pictures and finally after four and a half hour trek we reached our campsite. So at 5 we reached our campsite. Our cmapsite was just 10 mins away from the peak. Everyone was super tired we had our proper maharashtrian spicy lunch. We were pleased by the food and then we decided for a rest and go to the peak the next day in the morning. After our breakfast we were wondering around the campsite and it was a beautiful view of the village and the opposite mountains. It felt like heaven. As the time passes and the moon rises we had our dinner at 9pm and after that we played some indoor games. And also how could the night get complete if there are no horror stories...right ?
Ending up with horror stories everyone went to sleep.
Good night.

Photo of kalsubai Peak, Bari, Maharashtra, India by Disha Solanki
Photo of kalsubai Peak, Bari, Maharashtra, India by Disha Solanki
Photo of kalsubai Peak, Bari, Maharashtra, India by Disha Solanki
Photo of kalsubai Peak, Bari, Maharashtra, India by Disha Solanki
Day 2

Good morning !!
It's 30th June..
Everyone woke up at 5am to see the beautiful sunrise from the top of the mountains. We got freshen up and had our breakfast which was Poha and Tea. It was cold outside..very cold. We got our jackets on and moved towards the peak. Cold breeze was going on and we could feel it on our cheeks. The weather was foggy and at a moment we can't see anything. We pushed oursleves against the cold wind and continued to climb the last ladder which was leading us towards the peak. And YESSSSSS.... WE REACHED THE HIGHEST PEAK OF MAHARSHTRA {KALSUBAI}. After so much of tiredness  we still had the potential to be on the highest peak which is also called the 'Everest of Maharashtra' {Kalubai peak}. It felt like we are on top of the world. As we looked down and as the fogg got cleared we could see beautiful nature at its best. The view was mesmerizing and it was just heaven. At the top there is small temple. The locals take care of the temple daily. It felt blessed to be up there and screaming on top of our voices. As we were full of our enjoyment up there, we proceed downwards towards our campsite to take our bags. We reached the campsite took our bags on our shoulder and headed downwards. It took three and a half hours to reach the base site where we would get our lunch. At 11:45am we reached the base site and had our lunch veg and nonveg both were available. At 12:20pm we left the base village and proceeded towards Kasara station. We reached kasara station and sat in the train and reached home till evening with happily ever after memories.