Mad honey trek in nepal

23rd Sep 2022
Photo of Mad honey trek in nepal by Deepak Karki
Day 1

Mad honey adventure brings an adrenaline rush. If you were to be a part of a rare ancient tradition of wild honey hunting from the cliffs of Himalayas ranging above 3000 m above sea level amid beautiful Rhododendron forests, wouldn’t you say yes? We experience this thrilling adventure with every harvest of mad honey and now, we want you to be a part of it. Nepal, synonymously known as the country of ‘Mount Everest’ houses so much more than what the world knows. Up in the Himalayas resides a unique breed of honeybees that make Best Mad Honey so special– the great Apis Laboriosa. We want you to watch them!

Every year from Late April to Early July (Baisakh to Ashad) and September-October(Ashoj-Kartik), we pack our bags and join the expedition of our wild honey-hunters. More than a journey, it will be a lifetime experience to witness the authenticity of the honey that reaches your doorstep and you definitely don’t want to miss it. Here’s how we manage the entire

Day 2

Lamjung to honey hunting spot

Day 3

Village stay and trek to honey hunting spot

Day 4

Return to lumjung city

Day 5

Lumjung to kathmandu price is costly 1565usd dollar