Kenya Travelogue... Continuation to the earlier post


11th May

We left at 8 am to leave for Lake Nakuru from Masai Mara and had to face the

grind of the roads which, surprisingly was much easier than when we came

back... Maybe it was the sun whch irritated us when we were driving to the

Mara. On the way back the day was just perfect for a drive - really pleasant

climate and cool breeze ...

We were moving towards the Northern Hemisphere and the journey beyond the 86

kms was quite good.. Road was nice and we reached the Lion's Gate Lodge

around 2pm and again had to rush for lunch since the schedule was to leave

at 4 pm for the flamingoes and rhinos.

Lake Nakuru is a place known for flamingoes, pelikans and storks - it is

said there are over 450 species of birds here - though we could not see even

45 diff types. It is also known for baboons Photo of Kenya Travelogue... Continuation to the earlier post 1/10 by Nemish Parekhand of course the rhino reserve.

Baboons r a diff species of monkeys. Their one scratch can make a human very


Photo of Kenya Travelogue... Continuation to the earlier post 2/10 by Nemish ParekhWe saw a huge flock of flamingos and pelicans on the banks of the lake and

also baboons on the way to the lake.. From there we went to the other part

where we saw 2 rhinos and from there to baboons cliff - the view was awesome

from there of the entire stretch of the lake and the hills... Beautiful


We felt this place could hv been skipped...but the issue was that the

journey from Masai Mara to Sweetwaters (our next destination) would hv been

way too long to cover at a stretch - arnd 600 kms...hence the break was

anyways required...

We were living on salads and breads for last 3 days - of course we did get

veg and jain food but somehow the taste was not to our liking...though we

shd not complain since it was much better than expected.

12th May

We started at 8 again and headed further South towards Nanyuki (town in whch

SweetWaters Tent Camp was located)and the great thing was we passed thru the

equator... We took a break at 0 deg latitude (place whch they claimed where

the equator was passing thru)and we had a great demo of how the whirl of the

water changes its direction in north, south and at equator!! Photo of Kenya Travelogue... Continuation to the earlier post 3/10 by Nemish ParekhHe took us

northwards and poured water into a bowl with a small hole for water to pass

thru and put a matchstick into it. The matchstick moved around in clockwise

direction in the container. Then he took us to the south of 0 deg... And

again repeated the the matchstick swirled anti-clockwise....Mind

boggling isn't it?!

Then we went to exact 0 deg and repeated the experiment once again - now the

matchstick did not swirl at all but just kept floating!! Great thing to

experience ... Yes, we had officially been at the centre of the earth!!!

We moved further down South for another 70+ kms and then started another

stretch of terrible road.. 19 kms. We were gettng restless by the massage

our bodies were gettng on these roads but our guide-driver told us its worth

the pains since the place is simply awesome and the experience one of its

kind. This stretch of 19 kms was a private field whch we were cutting across

(as a short cut - normal road wd hv made our journey by an hour longer) but

the length of the entire wide barren field was just unimaginable - it was

simply huge..We did not realise what our guide told us till we reached there

arnd 1.30pm. It was a beautiful property on a huge expanse of barren land

with tents.. But what was exciting was that our tents were right next to the

jungle - I mean it was arnd 20 mtrs between our tent and the jungle (and it

was not the dense type - but the Savannah type).. So sitting in our tent we

could see the animals moving around...Photo of Kenya Travelogue... Continuation to the earlier post 4/10 by Nemish Parekh Obviously that area was huge and the

animals were scattered far and wide... But there was a water body in front

of our tent so lots of birds were coming to drink water and so were the

animals.. In fact some large different species of birds used to move around the

restaurant as well. Photo of Kenya Travelogue... Continuation to the earlier post 5/10 by Nemish ParekhThe gazelles were constantly moving around in front of

our tents and so were the wild boars.. They had lions, leopards, rhinos,

african elephants, jackals, etc - all inside the area of 80000 acres (yes,

80k - I hv not added a zero by mistake). Since this was privately owned (as

opposed to Mara whch is an open jungle and belongs to the govt) they had put

transmitters inside the lions and few other animals so that they could track

them during game drives. Lion tracking was $45 per person and entire night

safari was $90 per person but we did not do it since we had already seen all

of these at the Mara and tht too naturally - without any transmitters.

From safety point of view they had dug a 3 feet deep pit and put a fence of

the same height whch was electrocuted... - whch means there was no

obstruction of sight and the ground was at the same level...Believe me the

width of the pit was not going to stop the beasts from jumping over to our

side. It was an experience of a life time- such a thrilling one - only the

thought of it - even if we do not spot any animal - isn't it?

We had to leave at 3 pm to go to a chimps sanctuaryPhoto of Kenya Travelogue... Continuation to the earlier post 6/10 by Nemish Parekh - it was owned by a US

lady and funded by her... There were 41 chimps and 250 acres of area for

them!! What luxury!!

These were divided in 2 grps since we were told both these grps cannot stand

each other and would hv a fight if kept together. But apart from this they r

quite social - infact one of the group had a grandmother (age of 27) and a

new born of 7 days!!

Apart from groupism, they hv another 98% traits whch r like humans -

basically, they r just 1 chromosome away from humans. I hv taken pics of

some more interesting facts whch they had put up there.. U guys can check

with me for these if interested

Chimps live upto an age of arnd 45 yrs to the max ..and feed on corns and

bananas mainly.

From there we were heading to a rhino park - on the way we saw 2 white

rhinos (white not bcoz of its colour - its grey only - but bcoz of the way

its mouth is shaped.. Its wide. But in 18th century, the dutch settlers

pronounced wide as 'white' and since then it came to be known as white

rhino). The rhino park - The Olepetja Conservancy' was a place for just one

rhino - 'Baraka' who was a 17 yrs old black rhino but completely blinded.

Photo of Kenya Travelogue... Continuation to the earlier post 7/10 by Nemish ParekhOne of his eye was missing since birth and second one had developed

cateract!! It was an area of 40+ acres, had 11 people to attend to him and

a Vet who wd fly from US on a call!!

Baraka has to be seen to be believed.. Close to 1.5 tonnes (normally black

rhinos weigh between 700 kgs to 1 ton) and he was almost 6 feet long. We

could touch him, feed him and had a ball - especially the kids!!

It also had an information centre where there were amazing facts and items

about not only rhinos but lot of other animals. We saw skins, skeletons of

so many diff animals, ostrich etc. There were 20k rhinos in kenya in 1970,

1800 in 1980 and only 400 by 2000 ... however, now it has gone upto 650 due

to the efforts of people.

From there we returned to our camp and the place looked beautiful in the

night... We were moving towards our tent and just 15 feet away from us was

the rhino drinking water in the waterbody !! Great!!!

We decided to have the Glen and GG outside the tent and organised

everything.. What happened next was the most thrilling experience - we

suddenly saw a group of gazelles sprint away and we were not sure why was

that.. We spotted a lioness running behind these gazelles.. What a sight!!

Maybe due to our noise the lioness retreated back into the dark... But I m

sure we had the best moment of our life - we may not be able to experience

the same again!

13th May

The day started with a beautiful sunrise... When we were getting ready to

move, we saw a giraffe come towards our side... Photo of Kenya Travelogue... Continuation to the earlier post 8/10 by Nemish ParekhAnd it came again very close

to our tent and was stretching himself for a long time... We headed to the

restaurant for breakfast and left from there after shpng at souvenir shop.

Then was the most amazing experience at the Mt Kenya Orphanage. This was

arnd 25 kms frm Sweetwaters and inside Fairmont Resorts... Mind blowing

property - we had earlier planned to stay here as well but it was really

exorbitant and hence skipped it. But what we did inside orphanage was

awesome. We saw BONGO - Photo of Kenya Travelogue... Continuation to the earlier post 9/10 by Nemish Parekha typical species of antelope whch is now extinct

and only seen inside this orphanage in the whole world. We fed gazelles,

rode on 100 year old turtles, moved arnd the park with the ostrict, fed one

diff species of monkey on our shoulder!! We also saw a cross breed of horse

and zebra and is called zebroid.... Its brown in colour. Photo of Kenya Travelogue... Continuation to the earlier post 10/10 by Nemish ParekhWe saw dwarf

antelopes, dwarf hippos, a giant (arnd 2.5 feet tall) owl... The place whch

we thght we could skip - we ended up spending more than 2 hrs...

We left from there towards Nairobi. Reached at 7.30 pm after 2 hrs of dirty

and dusty traffic near the city... This place is really

underdeveloped...when u look arnd u see lot of poverty and things happening

the way it used to happen 20 yrs back maybe! I had got this feelng on

arrival itself at the airport..

We stayed at Hotel Boulevard whch was really below std but since we had to

spend less than 12 hrs there we did not mind.

14th May

We left at 530 am from hotel...our flight was at 9 to Jo'burg and from there

to Cape Town at 3 pm.