14th May 2014
Photo of Maldives 1/7 by Akriti Jain
Photo of Maldives 2/7 by Akriti Jain
Photo of Maldives 3/7 by Akriti Jain
Photo of Maldives 4/7 by Akriti Jain
Photo of Maldives 5/7 by Akriti Jain
Photo of Maldives 6/7 by Akriti Jain
Photo of Maldives 7/7 by Akriti Jain

Even though technically this comes under one of my work trips but its worth sharing the experience which is very unlike any other trips on work. From the regular hotel life, Maldives comprises of only 1% land and 99% water as a country. Male - the capital city has everything this country practically has, most other islands are resorts. There are they say some 200 inhabitant islands as well! Migrants from Bangladesh and India primarily, the place is purely a tourism destination making it difficult hence to tell anyone to be in Maldives for Work!! if you get bored of fish :) which is probable, try some Nepali food! :) Yes for vegetarians if you roam around the place (cant really call it a city!) you will spot shacks with home cooked food. Hotels, a National Football stadium- which brings in some money, places to eat and shops - all imported from different parts of the world. Religion and politics keeps everyone busy and nightlife keeps the city alive with food and famous coffee/red bull (incase you thought the other drink ah reminder its a Muslim country! ). A hop over to any of the islands is the real Maldives where people across the world converge. Blue sky and the blend of the water is brilliant. Never before seen site of the stars and the sand of the beaches is unimaginable.

I also was lucky to visit and spend a week at the second most habitant island of Maldives called 'Addu' which lies at the Equator. Here the temp is 4-5 deg higher than Male. Beautiful, less crowded, less food, only the sea :)

Visit and Explore :)