360 degree unparalleled view of Munnar

Photo of 360 degree unparalleled view of Munnar by Fathima Shareef

That's the thing about climbing all the way upto the mountains. Your sore muscles and tired aching limbs puts you in terrible misery begging to give up even just a few minutes after you started. But then you still keep going forward when the chirping of the birds, gurgling streams and cascading waterfalls in the background meets your ears and distract you. And walking through the woods makes you even more eager to know what lies beneath it.
Also you have been told that there is an unparalleled view all the way up promising enough to feed your soul and an exotic feast to your eyes. That's how you push yourself and keep moving even when there are going to be moments where you feel like you are going to trip down. And then when you finally make it there and witness the view, something just rushes into your mind claiming that you couldn't be more happier.

That's when you know it was all worth it.

Such a view is what @tentgraam ’s Munnar campsite offers to us. A 3 and half hours long trek (maybe 3 or less than that if I exclude the frequent resting breaks we begged to our guide for😬) from their campsite at Lachmi hills to watch the 360 degree view of Munnar covered in cotton candy clouds and mystic fog.