5 Romantic Ideas of Honeymooning at the Unexplored Backwater Destination of Chettuva in Kerala


Each couple has got their unique ways of spending their initial days of togetherness once they get hitched. Moreover for knowing each other, they could plan for that mandatory honeymooning at any heavenly destination. Those discussions always should not end up in either Manali or Goa, as further moving towards the south of the peninsula, you could trip to enticing Western coastal regions of Kerala. Again here too, you deserve to make a plan of honeymooning at any bewitching location where not many couples had been to. The backwaters of Chettuva, which is located around 26 km from the Thrissur city is one such clever choice and once spent your honeymoon here, you could prove that you are that 'out of the box' thinking couples. On the other hand, they could also get to know more about the traditional yet simple way of living life at this Heritage Village of Kerala.

Listed below are the romantic ideas of honeymooning at the unexplored backwater destination of Chettuva in Kerala.

Sailing in a Kerala houseboat across the backwaters

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Although this could make a mandatory activity for any travellers visiting the backwaters of Kerala, the particular voyage along with your significant other will always be a special one. The serene lake sighted at this part of Chettuva has got its precious set of traditional Kerala houseboats in its soothing water body. These well-equipped ferries will not let its passengers to experience any sort of discomforts while they are sailing across the lake, so the newlyweds could feel like at home with complete privacy in these houseboats.

Witnessing that enticing sunset together

The sun and the twilight sky around them will be the most special if they are watched near any water bodies, let not only the Chettuva Lake in Thrissur. One could spot the reflection of the brightly coloured sun on the waters creating a romantic mood in the couples honeymooning at any backwater destination. At these calming regions of the God’s Own Country, the newlyweds will feel all at peace by witnessing this stunning sight with sun hiding behind the dark clouds in between the shadows of numerous tall coconut trees.

Clicking pictures with the Chinese fishing nets as background

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The stunning backwaters of Chettuva also do comprise of a few yet huge Chinese fishing nets on its various spots. Moreover, the presence of Chinese nets on the banks of the backwaters of Kerala could be one of the reasons that make them unique and different from all others, even if there are the mandatory views of numerous islets and thick mangrove vegetations. So the couple on their special trip to Chettuva could snap a panoramic click of these large manually working fishing nets with the perfect mix of a line of coconut palms. Thus, the remarkable picture could make that perfect evidence to prove that, they had indeed visited the enchanting Kerala.

Spend the forenight at any of the cottages

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Living at any beautiful cottages situated at any distinct travel destination accompanying that special person of your life, your Kerala honeymoon trip could be best defined by the adorable ones in Chettuva. Many of these living spaces are constructed in the traditional Kerala style of architecture. Furthermore, if the newlyweds are booking packages with airfare well in advance, they would be able to accommodate themselves in the best waterfront cottages set across the banks of Chettuva River. With the generosity at which Keralites are treating their guests, they would indeed experience feel at home that also serves the mouth-watery traditional recipes.

Behold for a downward view from the Chettuva Bridge

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It is through this large bridge that the honeymooners coming to the backwater location would reach from either Ernakulam or Thrissur. So before strolling to its base and the water, one may glance at its large expanse of Chettuva River forming a spectacular lake. Also on the path leading to them, couples could easily notice the spots where the chances of getting the fishes by angling in the Chettuva backwaters would be more, even if it is shallow waters. Or otherwise from the ground levels, you may look back to the bridge and click come adorable pictures with your partner. The movements of other boats plying across the lake other than the small country boats will also be refreshing.

Lesser known yet splendid backwater location like that of Chettuva are quite a many in Kerala that is just perfect to be chosen as your honeymoon destination. There may not be any festivity and parties to thrill you, still, both of you could be at absolute tranquillity away from the bustles of everyday life. Dream Holidays based in Kochi will arrange for you such meaningful honeymoons to be spent at the beautiful locations spread across Kerala. For the very same purpose, the popular tour operator had created diverse packages from all the major cities of the country. Also, these travel deals are made available to you at extremely lower prices. So why are you waiting? You could make use of these opportunities by contacting them online via the chats or ringing them up on the WhatsApp number given on their website.