A strange treasure..!!

28th Nov 2019
Photo of A strange treasure..!! by Vino

⏳On solo_back, i had stacked up much story to write in! But about this one was so special, i chose a sea hut homestay in kochi. After settling in i took a view of sea & started to walk my way on the rocks. I' came too long away from the place, could witness oly the vastness & rhythm of waves hitting hard rocks! I'm totally 'being', loved the wind caress me. I, felt warmth from the rocks that insists me to lay down. My eyes got to a white shell which is beneath the rock as it looks like hiding, i bend to pick_up but my hand sensed something! Finally put the head inside to look, to my surprise it seems like a book. I'm concerned, shouldn damage by taking it out, aft few attempts i got on my hand. 📜This is not the book but a diary, I examined over the cover it looks no one noticed the teasure for months, my heart was in ecstasy. I opened it, a fine cursive letter in a black ink was imprinted on the thick paper - i let my fingers over to the letters "Memories of mine to you - By Alicia" to the corner she penned 'To the stranger'! I was in great relief, that unoffically got permission to read it, though the stranger might known to her. But i had a strong urge to unfold the pages. Only few sheets, the letters were clear & the rest had formed different shapes becoz of the seasonal change! I made a mind, okay she wants me to read what i deserved for..!! ✒️Today, i finished my journey along with her. You opened me, My strange_girl i developed a strong emotion towards you & it ll remain same ever. To the Universe, you granted my wish in unexpected way, i need you to repeat it again. You very well know what i'm gonna ask for.!!😉 #memoriesforlife#solotravel#mindfullness#kochi#diary#livetofullest.

A diary of unknown & landed it on me..!!

Photo of Kochi, Kerala, India by Vino