Mesmerizing Munnar (Part I)


Have you ever been in a place which was not your first choice but you loved it so so much that you thank your stars that the first option did not work out? Well that is what happened when we were planning a trip to Kerala. We did not want to have a routine travel package which clubbed 3-4 places in Kerala but wanted to just sit back and relax at one place. Our first option was Alleppey or Allapuzha but it just did not work out (Thank God for this) and we ended up going to Munnar.

Trust me, you would not want to sleep during 4 hour drive from Cochin to Munnar and miss these.

Photo of Mesmerizing Munnar (Part I) 1/5 by Mili SavaniPhoto of Mesmerizing Munnar (Part I) 2/5 by Mili Savani

You can actually notice a change in the surroundings after a few kilometers. Soon we were greeted with this view.

Photo of Mesmerizing Munnar (Part I) 3/5 by Mili SavaniPhoto of Mesmerizing Munnar (Part I) 4/5 by Mili Savani

Isn't it just amazing. Feels like you are driving on the clouds (The roads are superb too). Its hard to believe that you come across all these in a span of just a few hours. Let me leave the remaining things for you to experience first hand and not spoil the fun.

We stayed at Fort Munnar which was a bit out of Munnar city (almost 15 mins drive away from the main Munnar city) but the view was amazing.

Photo of Mesmerizing Munnar (Part I) 5/5 by Mili Savani

I honestly cannot stop yapping on and on about this place. There shall be another post on the various places to visit in and around Munnar...