Kerala Road Trip

1st Jun 2017

This is not me in the car. I have taken it from google.. But this was exactly the way I enjoyed Munnar. Yes, the roads you see behind were not the same, the tarmac is very clean set there.. !! I missed out images due to my phone change.. Apologies !! 

Photo of Kerala Road Trip by Travel Fanatic
Day 1

Hello and Good Morning Tripoto's lovely wanderlust souls. I was offline for a good amount of time. Meanwhile I had a lavish trip done. This time it was a car drive tour which I chose. I did not have a car but friend lended for 13 Days to mehis Toyota Fortuner [ A Top version model ]. My journey was beautiful and I must share this to you all. It was 31st May and I paid him the money and fueled up the car. He was not able to join me due to his Foreign Business Trip but handed over his car keys to me. I started early in the Morning towards Goa via the Ratnagiri Highway. The route is beautiful with a lot of greenery to serve. I had a really long drive across the Konkan Patch, a 10 Hour journey and I made it to Goa with a few breaks every 300 kms. I did have a little snack time across places between the journey. Also, coffee or tea did help. I reached Goa and I checked into the Aldeia Santa Rita resort and my plan was to thoroughly enjoy Goan climate. I loved the pre-monsoon showers and it was memorable. Overnight I spent at Hotel with my dinner at the Hotel too.

Day 2

Today I had a beautiful relaxed time at the Hotel. I have had been coming to goa before so did not venture out much as such I had plans to Gokarna. So I made sure I am resting well. I enjoyed Goa without Boozing or Puffing up anything. Beach side evening with clouds adding up to the beauty is worth enjoyment. I did imagine the beauty of having a bike tour on these routes, but I was happy to the core when I had this Fortuner with me on my touring.

Day 3

Today, I checked out after my heavy breakfast. I did help many who chose hitch-hiking and I could meet a lot new exciting people. A short conversations and knowing many were from India as well as NRI's etc. It was a bliss having such people and dropping them at Gokarna. I loved Gokarna, I enjoyed the scenic beauty that is very close to Goa. I came to know about it through Tripoto and I am thankful to the people to share such interesting places. I did meet a few hikers too and people who indulge in it. I met them and also loved the way they pitched up tents. Apparently in Gokarna I did the same, food I brought it packed from the hotel. I had my small tent kit too. Sleeping in such a beautiful place over a mid cloudy night is beautiful.

Day 4

Today !! Plan was to reach Wayanad.. So I fuelled up my car in between the routes since I started from Goa. A huge fuel tank + No AC used + Economical Speed makes your car perform more over less usage of fuel. It helped me and I reached Kerala today after a really long drive. I must say that the Greenery and Beauty will just make you go crazy. I reached Wayanad and loved the rainy climate. Trust me you never can beat this combo.. A Cup of Coffee / Tea + Rains + Music + A Car drive. I actually witnessed heaven.

Day 5

Today !! I had choosed to stay in the hotel at Wayanad. I forgot to mention that on Day 4 I did checkin at Wayanad. I did a lot of sightseeing around. I did walk in rains too.. Mumbai's humidity and heat every mumbaikar knows how tedious it becomes + Travelling in peak hour trains and everything related to work life. After such a time, having all these spent here is worth it.

Day 6

Today !! My drive was too short, I had to reach Munnar which I reached well in planned time. I saw the Eravikulam Park and enjoyed the Nilgiri Tahr. I indulged in a knowledgeable time at the TATA Tea Estate in Munnar. I chose to even boat at the Mattupetty. I witnessed the Kathak Dance. This was my Third Time at Kerala and I loved the development here. I stayed at the West Woods hotel and the room I had was the river view. I saw a lot of birds there..

Day 7

Rains.. Mist.. Beauty.. kept the fun going on.. Today was my plan just to relax. I did have a nice long walk around upto the Shopping Road which is 1.5 kms one way. Return it is 3.0 kms.. which is a fair enough walking I did. On the way, enjoying the hills full of tea plantations, the river, the rain, the aroma of Munnar.. This is a bit more than a professional tour we see..

Day 8

Today I visited the Gardens at Munnar, I visited the elephant ride and also the way the localites pamper elephants bathing them, its fun to see these giants enjoying the water spalshes and they being so giant, its never a feeling of fear or uncomfort around. Feels really enjoyable with these giant mammals. I got back to the hotel. Packed up, fueled up as next day I had plans to Thekkady.

Day 9

I headed to Thekkady today, I checked in the Wild Corridor Resort which has a beautiful views to cater to their guests. I loved the entire scenery and meanwhile on the journey felt amazing viewing the Spice Plantations. The more beautiful versions of what we can witness in Goa. I headed onto the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. The lovely place to be and view the wild animals in their most natural habitat. Overnight plans were to be in Thekkady.

Day 10

Today I headed directly towards Kanyakumari. It was a long drive but the route was beautiful. I did enjoy a ferry ride across the Aleppey and the Backwaters. I managed to reach Kanyakumare in the late afternoon. I visited the Swami Vivekananda Memorial + A big of city sights. One Night rest was my plan.. So Far everything was as per the plan.

Day 11

Today in the Morning. I checked out early. I had plans to reach Mumbai very quickly. I did a little odd stuff than usual by chosing driving during the night and rest during the day. It was very unusual thing I ever planned but being in a car it is safer compared to being on a two - wheeler. Please I request readers to plan very cautiously whenever you are preparing any journeys. I started off today in the Morning. I reached Manglore very well and perfectly. I decided to sleep and rest very well. It was a very tiring and long drive.. but Music does help making it shorter.

Day 12

I decided to rest the whole day today. Start my journey at 6 PM and end by 6AM. Trust me, Night rides are more beautiful. Yes, they are equally challenging but adds alot to the beauty even if it rains. I did face strong challenges due to the Goa bridge breakdowns.. I know these questions might have arised into your mind. But it was manageable one anyways to cross it. I did manage anyhow and overnight was my journey.

Day 13

Today !! It was a very cold morning.. My eyes were literally red and the body demanded a strong sleep. I reached chiplun, checked -in into a standard hotel. As my preference was to sleep. Slept well with my breakfast and the whole day I spent sleeping. In the evening I went there boating on crocodile river. I managed to see some crocos but funny part is, the boat in no where of middle failed its engine. The startup string got damaged. The fear mounted onto the people on how would we get back as the river was full of crocos. Luckily after 30 Mins of headache the boat decided to start.. We reached onto the pier and again I had to start a journey from Chiplun to Mumbai. I loved the entire way. Despite of such a challenging decision, I loved it as I entered Mumbai late night covering somewhere around 300 - 400 kms quickly.

Early Morning.. !! I opened the doors and family welcomed me.. !! I did get scoldings for my such decisions but later they said I was clever to get into Mumbai early morning somewhere by 3 or 4. I deliberately drove slow and kept the safety economy mark. The white fortuner was totally dusty which I made sure I give it to the service centre that is stone throw away from my home. The vehicle was washed very well.. A 13 day tour was even cherished by my colleagues when I shared about. It was costly for me.. Even my friend was back.. So sharing a great evening and narrated it to him. The next time too he wished to have a journey again with me. Yes, it is very tiring and needs a lot of cost to be borne by self.. But in return what you get.. its worth.. !!

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