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17th Dec 2014
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National Park
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Coconuts Coconuts everywhere and every time. Kerala - A state vibrant serene and colorful filled with verdant valleys, beautiful backwaters, mystic monsoon showers and blissful beaches is one where tradition and divinity meets ethnicity and modernity and has every reason to be named as 'God's own Country'. Be it the simple sightseeing or the adventurous camping, there are a number of beautiful and memorable things to do in Kerala.

A perfect climate and wonderful atmosphere stitched together with a sprawling coastline and sloppy mountains makes it one of the best tourist destinations in the country. It also serves some of the country's delicious and authentic south Indian food which makes it an epicure's paradise. Besides it popular attractions, Kerala is also home to exotic wildlife, vibrant traditions and cultural festivals. Overall the places I listed have some of the best handpicked tourist attractions in the state of Kerala.

Image Credits : National Park, Munnar, Kochi, Gavi, Allepy.

A hill station breathtakingly beautiful and an heaven on earth, the famous town of Munnar is situated at an amazing altitude of 1,600 meters above sea level and is an ideal tourist attraction in Kerala. It has lush green forests having wonderful flora and fauna in some of the best national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. It also houses some of the well known endangered species like Nilgiri Thar, the Grizzled Giant Squirrel, the Nilgiri Wood-pigeon, the Sambar, and the Neelakurinji which is extremely rare to spot elsewhere.

Photo of Munnar, Kerala, India by Karthik Rao V

Kochi - A city vibrant and colorful in the prosperous state of Kerala is one of the busiest ports in India and has incredible history from the Arabs, British, Chinese, Dutch, and Portuguese trade links with the country. Its beauty underlines the perfect nickname it holds still today as 'The Queen of the Arabian Sea'. The perfect equatorial climate with the scenic Western Ghats on one side and the churning Arabian Sea on the other makes it a must visit tourist place in Kerala. It also serves some utterly delicious foods both sweet and savory which is exclusively famous for being made from banana and coconuts served on the traditional banana leaf.

Photo of Kochi, Kerala, India by Karthik Rao V

An ecotourist spot in Kerala and spread fluently across the beautiful Periyar Tiger Reserve, Gavi is a quiet, calm and peaceful place to hang around and is one of the most scenic attractions in Kerala. It is mainly known for its wildlife housing some of the endemic species like the Nilgiri Tahr and Lion-tailed macaque. The climate here is cool and calm and is an ideal place for nature lovers and birdwatchers. Trekking and Outdoor camping can be done which is quite adventurous after obtaining necessary permissions from the concerned departments.

Photo of Gavi, Kerala, Gavi, Kerala, India by Karthik Rao V

Praised as the 'Venice of East' by Lord Curzon the beautiful town of Alappuzha (Allepy) is one of the most visited and scenic tourist destinations in Kerala and is often called as the gateway of backwaters of Kerala. A wonderful boat ride in the cool and tranquil backwaters is a romantic experience and is one of the best things to do in Kerala. Some of the tourist attractions include Pathiramanal, Kuttanadu and Kumarakodi.

Photo of Alappuzha, Kerala, India by Karthik Rao V

Presenting a panorama of majestic mountains and and verdant valleys with lush green flora and fauna, the Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary in Periyar is a perfect place for a nature lovers and travel adventures. It has nature's finest beauty and wonderful biodiversity and is considered one of the safest place for elephants and tigers in the country. It also surrounds the tranquil waters of the Periyar Lake and has a number of species of animals and birds around it with perfect tropical evergreen moist deciduous forests and ideal ecosystems.

Photo of Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary, Idukki, Kerala, India by Karthik Rao V

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