Day ride to Antargange

1st Nov 2015
Photo of Day ride to Antargange 1/3 by Jacinth Paul
Photo of Day ride to Antargange 2/3 by Jacinth Paul
Photo of Day ride to Antargange 3/3 by Jacinth Paul

Day Ride to Antargange

6:00 AM: Perfect day to start with fellow riders sipping chai at the newly opened Moto cafe and store near Ulsoor lake. We are assembling for our Day ride to Antargenge. With Royal Enfields and KTMs in the same riding pack on that day, it was the free spirit of biking which can be seen among all the 12+ riders gathered there. To give a background - Royal Enfields, the rugged and steady Indian beast know for touring and offroading. KTMs, the new generation swift and speedy monsters. Both from different genres. It was a group of bikers riding together, no matter the bike.
8:00 AM: Vasudev Adigas on the Kolar Road, a pretty cool highway joint for bikers with huge parking and availability of CCD, Adigas and Polar bear. The more you know the group you ride with the merrier the ride would be. We have our conventional intro session  in a bikers perspective with the bike we ride ans our riding experience. Good to hear from a lot of new members and as to whet makes them to ride. Gold Town bikers, the super bikes group was there too and it was a sight to see all the high end bikes at one location. 
10:00 AM: Antargange, decent getaway for people interested for a bike ride to the foot hills and also for the people who want to trek from there, which is uphill. Note: There are two roads leading to the top. One, reach Antargange temple, climb the 200 odd steps and go the trekking path and two, reach the top on bike, and continue the trekking. The trek is of moderate level, and is recommended with only a guide, who are available at the place for a nominal cost of 50-100/-
Had a beautiful short day ride with a great set of people. See you all again.
Cheers, JP

Distance from Bangalore - 60 Kms on Kolar Highway Breakfast point - Adigas, 20 Km ahead of Antargange, Adjacent to CCD/Polar bearTime required to explore - 2 hours during days and 4-5 hours during nights

PC - Tushar Gohgil and Pavan Kumar

Ample parking and right on the highway