A Surprise Stop At Kalyani Expressway

21st Jan 2016
Photo of A Surprise Stop At Kalyani Expressway 1/4 by Avirup Chatterjee
The Red BiCycle

It was around 6 am, me and my two friends, are coming back to my hometown – Kalyani after attending a marriage ceremony. Tired of overnight party and fun, eagerly waiting to have few hours of sleep at home. Fortunately all three of us had the day off and moreover who wanted to let go of the sweetest & rarest chance to sleep late after tiring night.

I was driving, destination Kalyani. It is less than an hour drive with no stop. However we were ready to make a stop for Tea and breakfast.

Photo of A Surprise Stop At Kalyani Expressway 2/4 by Avirup Chatterjee

I passed through this expressway hundred times but never actually stopped at this beautiful wetlands. It is basically connecting Kalyani to Kolkata and the best option to commute between two places. I made a sudden stop at the wetlands and lakes which is adjacent to the expressway. The water was dark, the green fungi is floating at the top, I rest my back on the wet soil of lakeside. Few boats are still waiting for their owners to take them for fishing.

Photo of A Surprise Stop At Kalyani Expressway 3/4 by Avirup Chatterjee

Photo of A Surprise Stop At Kalyani Expressway 4/4 by Avirup Chatterjee

I was carrying my new Fujifilm camera. The beauty of the place made us silent for few moments, we all are engulfing the serene beauty of wetlands. The land is used for fish farming and its early morning, about 6:20 on the watch. The light fog made the wetlands more beautiful in the chilli winter morning of West Bengal.

I must say the place has a feel good factor, else how come I wanted to spend more time even after last night intoxication. The bluish horizon & light breeze is what I would like to call ‘So Refreshing’.

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