Kyoto in Autumn

Photo of Kyoto in Autumn 1/1 by Yasu

Today, November 23, is a national holiday in Japan. It is the Labor Thanks-Giving Day. As it is a Monday, for most people this weekend is consecutive holiday. The Japanese government has been promoting travel within Japan by giving travelers a refund of 50% to perk up the travel industry for the last several months. This campaign is called "Go to Travel" campaign. However, as the temperature goes down, there are much more cases of COVID-19 and the government started saying that they will stop the campaign to certain destinations where there are many cases of COVID-19. This week end, because most travelers had planned their trips may days ago and they do not want to pay the cancellation fee, many people are travelling. Many people are travelling by airplanes and also by bullet train. Also, because this is a very good time of the year to go to areas where one can enjoy seeing beautiful scenery of autumn leaves turning red, travel destination that are rich in nature are very crowded. The photo is the Arashiyama area in Kyoto, which is also popular for its beautiful scenery of autumn leaves.