Prepare your swimsuits – its time for LANGKAWI !

Photo of Prepare your swimsuits – its time for LANGKAWI ! 1/5 by Neyha Jain
Photo of Prepare your swimsuits – its time for LANGKAWI ! 2/5 by Neyha Jain
Photo of Prepare your swimsuits – its time for LANGKAWI ! 3/5 by Neyha Jain
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Photo of Prepare your swimsuits – its time for LANGKAWI ! 5/5 by Neyha Jain

“NO! I don’t want to go back to my routines” these were my only thoughts when I boarded the flight back from Langkawi after a three day excursion and I really didn’t have this expectation from the trip. But guess that’s how life surprises us. Langkawi is truly the “Jewel of Kedah” as they say.

I haven’t covered much parts of Malaysia yet, however my experience in Langkawi has been the best so far. But the wanderlust that’s bitten me says “Never stop”!

So, here’s a quick peek into my impromptu itinerary which we didn’t sign up for but ended up creating as our trip progressed.

Day 1:

We are touching down at LGK around noon time. Here, do not miss the islands view from 20000 feet; it is stunning to say the least. There are multiple islands which are deserted / “virgin” and there’s the more habitable/ private ones.

We rented a car from the airport and it is my suggestion that you do as well since taxis could blow your budget. This will give you the convenience to cover the max of LGK at your own time, needless to say you should know how to drive.

Next we head to dump our bags in the resort while having a quick lunch. Our first destination was the “Mahsuri tomb” which derives its prominent significance in LGK’s history. Due to festive season, this was closed by the time we reached and we could only head to the next place. On the way we stopped near this beautiful forest lined up with properly arranged trees. Well they really were looking organised.  We visited the Durian Perangin waterfalls, due to the hot summer they were dried up and this can be skipped.

Our next stop was the Kilim Mangroves which was also closed by the time we reached. Langkawi is a laid back sleepy town and you need to be sure of timings to be sure you don’t miss anything. The forest reserve offers a boat ride to witness the mangroves of LGK and soak in the mountain range.

From here we headed to the Tanjung Rhu beach, this was a detour and I am thankful we did it. This is one of the less commercialised beaches of LGK and had this artificial plastic floater that helps you go into the sea without having to wet your shoes. You can sit on the floater and beach-in as much as you’d like. We witnessed the sunset here and every part of it was surreal.

We headed to our hotel for a quick change and our next stop was the lively Cenang area of LGK. This place would give you that uber expat feel no cityscape can match. There are multiple food and bar options here and the roads are full of shops selling cheap and duty-free items. Here you will also find tour agents that can help you go island hopping and plan day tours for some serious beaching. Don’t forget to bargain.

While Cenang has the on-road bars don’t miss out on the hidden bars lining the radiant beach and bringing it to life in the night. You’ll find live fire shows, bean bag bars and mobile food stalls all here. We soaked in the moonlight and partied the night away.

Day 2 :

Luxurious breakfast at the resort and we are late for our next destination. While driving, we make a detour and stop at this spot near the runway which gives an amazing view of a sea bridge in LGK. Quick pictures and witnessing a plane landing; we are headed to the Crocodile adventure land for their crocodile show. This is something you can skip in case you’ve already visited the show at another country.

From here-on we went to the Temuran waterfalls, and it was scorching so much in the past few days in LGK that the falls were almost dry. However, from across the road you’ll see a pit stop (not habituated) and having a beautiful view. We soaked in the view there, took some classy pictures and we are off.

Our next destination is my favourite not for its touristy value but for the experience I got while I was there. It was the Langkawi Sky Bridge!

As tall as it stands the journey to reaching the centre point of the bridge was enthralling. There are cable car rides that take you to two different observatory decks and you can’t help but keep taking in the view of LGK. After the first stop, the cable car next takes you to the start of the Sky bridge. We landed on the bridge under a clear sky and in the next 15 minutes were greeted by passing clouds making us shudder and experience being suspended above a deep valley. After the bridge we head to the other deck which is pretty much the highest point of that mountain and you can take in the view from N-E-W-S. It was really hard taking the cable car back to the land.

Next was the poster spot of LGK, Eagle square. Some quick pictures at this spot and cuddling with kittens we headed for a stroll in the Taman Legenda which is a huge garden giving amazing views of the endless sea and the cruising ships. Don’t miss the sunset here.

From here we headed to the Lucky temple, it was dark past the evening and the way to the temple was deserted. We landed at the entrance and there’s no light. We visit the Buddha and can only see silhouettes of the deity carved in the limestone. We make our way into the monastery and guess what the dogs at the entrance won’t let us as they have been trained to enable the monks to have uninterrupted meditation (this was a first for me).  They gave me the chills!

Day 3:

It’s time for some serious beaching! Our resort had a special salt water pool and also an envious part of the beach all to itself. The sand in LGK is amazing and since it was a private beach, it was all the more fun tanning on the sand! We get ready after the swim and head for our island hopping trip.

The dock is at Resorts World. The boat is shared by other travellers and that makes the trip inexpensive. The first stop is in the middle of the sea to observe the natural “pregnant lady” made from the adjoining tips of the mountain. Then we head to the actual Dayang Bunting Geopark. There’s not much to do here except observe the marble mountains and take a swim. They rent kayaks and solar boats in case you want to pass your time. There is also a board walk taking you to the convergence of two mountains but it was under renovation.

Next stop an eagle feeding spot, you’d be lucky to be click an eagle or observe them since it’s their routine and they are plain bored of it. Alright, the last island to hop onto is Beras basah. This one is a gorgeous beach with white sand and clear waters. Again nothing to do on the island but swim and tan yourself. That’s the end of the boat ride.

Final stop before we bid adieu to LGK is Gunung Raya, the highest point of LGK. This is a driveable trail and you can reach the top without breaking a sweat.  Well the hike is worth the effort too with brilliant views of LGK from the top. There’s actually a resort at the very top but we just soaked in the luminous sunset sitting atop the summit (the almost clichéd moment where time stops and you are blank). That really was a good end to the trip.

Langkawi is truly a nature lover’s paradise with pristine water and lush green lands. Don’t stop yourself from heading to this amazing place. And if you are wondering why my blog name mentions swimsuits but doesn’t talk much about? That’s cause I can’t swim yet! Happy travelling !