Langkawi: Tips for discovering the undiscovered Langkawi



Langkawi is on the itinerary of many travelers planning to visit Malaysia. It is an island which lies on the border of Thailand. Once can reach Langkawi in only 30 minutes by boat or ferry from Thailand.  Langkawi is filled with luxurious resorts to serve you the best. Most of the resorts here are 5-starred, but you can find cheap places to stay if you are a backpacker. It is a leading destination for Muslim tourists including Gulf residents as most of the local people here are Muslims.

Langkawi can be accessed easily from many places as the connectivity is well developed. You can reach from Thailand and Penang via ferries and boat. There is an international airport and flights are scheduled daily from Malaysia International Airport to Langkawi. There are a lot of other activities other than boat and ferry rides. I personally participated in a bike tour which was enthralling and got lucky to have a glimpse of beautiful scenery.

Apart from that, I participated in a tour to the dense jungle. You can catch the sight of interesting animals and birds. Halt at some places and indulge in photography, if you are photography enthusiastic like me. Personally I feel, these activities have interesting cuts compared to lazing on the beach.

My stay @ Rainbow Lodge

I had booked Rainbow Lodge for my stay at Langkawi. Rainbow Lodge quite famous in that area and you can easily find people around the world or tourists. The accommodation has nothing crazy but socially it's nice and comforting. This is a good place to meet other travelers across the world. Travelling solo has its own perks. You get to meet new people and share your own experiences. Sometime, you make the best of friends eventually. If you are looking for a slightly more expensive hotel to treat yourself, you can watch the next NR Langkawi.

Other places to visit in Langkawi

In northeast of the island of Langkawi in Pantai Kok, there are some very friendly nature activities to do like riding on top of a mountain to walking on a suspension bridge overlooking the jungle. For this, you must go to the Oriental Village and take the Cable Car, suspended above the jungle "few" meters altitude. Reaching the top, you will never regret as you can have an astounding view of the jungle and sea. 

Marina Park is the place to Langkawi diving or snorkeling .The tour costs 295 ringgit and begins at 9:30 and ends after 17h. A boat takes you on the island close to Langkawi at Marina Park. This is where you can dive in clear water to see beautiful colorful fish and sharks. Marina Park is composed of several beaches. You can stop at two spots to dive. Anyway, this is one of the best activities which satiated my adrenaline rush.

Scooter rental to tour the island and discover remote locations

You can rent a scooter to get around the island. You think is crazy? Yes indeed it is. If you do not rent a scooter you will not be able to explore and take beautiful pictures at undiscovered places. I feel, this is much more fun that staying in a lavish hotel.

 The water is not much clear. Hence, snorkeling and scuba diving will not be much fun. If you want to indulge in water sports activities, Phuket and Penang are much better option.

The sunset is inexplicable!

I also want to clarify that Langkawi is a step that makes sense if you want a quick step from Kuala Lumpur by air. The Langkawi airport is located on the island and you will not lose a lot of time with boats stories. 1h after the arrival of your plane, you will already be on the beach to enjoy the breathtaking sunset.

Langkawi is a friendly destination for doing nothing. You may consider it as a recreational stop off on a longer trip. Do not waste too much time at this destination. The island is however a very interesting step for those who want to relax a few days or squarely want a holiday "cocktail-beach-sun.