Coffee in Lisbon: Best Cafes to Try Delicious Drink

Photo of Coffee in Lisbon: Best Cafes to Try Delicious Drink by Iris Milton

It is difficult to find a person who does not like spending time sitting in a cafe with a cup of a favorite drink. The average daily coffee norm for a Portuguese is 4-5 cups. Coffee in Portugal is drunk strong and in small cups. In general, coffee for the Portuguese is such a cult.

In any cafe in Lisbon, there is always a famous cake Pastel de Nata and, of course, the most delicious and fragrant Portuguese coffee in the world.

To know the brand of the coffee, when you are in Pastelaria (cafe) is quite easy – the name of the company will be indicated on the visor, and the cup will have the appropriate logo. Here are a few popular brands – Delta, Sical, Buondi, Nicola, Camelo. The quality of coffee is almost everywhere equally high. Also, do not forget that within each brand there is still a division into classes, from basic to premium.

The price for a cup of coffee is an average of 0.60 €. In tourist places, you can find coffee for 1-1,5 €.

Let’s consider the best popular places of Lisbon where you can drink tasty coffee:

This is very beautiful cafe in Lisbon, located on the street Avenida da República in the picturesque area of Saldanha. The institution has been working since 1922 and has a good reputation because high quality of coffee grains. Will be walking here – be sure to go for a cup of coffee!

The workers here really think that they have the best coffee in Lisbon. And they are right in some way! First of all, they carefully select the grains. Suppliers send about 100-200 grams per sample, and coffeemakers fry them, try it and if coffee suits for taste and price, they order it. One important thing is that here coffee is expensive. Fabrica Coffee Roasters uses only Arabica – the highest grade of coffee, it has less caffeine and its taste is better.

Photo of Fabrica Coffee Roasters, Rua das Portas de Santo Antão, Lisbon, Portugal by Iris Milton

It is considered one of those places where the best tasty coffee is served in Lisbon. A distinctive feature of coffee is freshly ground grains, and an incredible flavor. Coffee leaves a pleasant aftertaste and creates a great mood for the whole day. A great addition to coffee will be fresh pastries – a delicate, slightly crispy croissant with sweet or meat stuffing! Quiet and cozy place to enjoy coffee!

Starbucks is the most popular brand, offering its own branded coffee all over the world. In addition, you can buy various accessories and utensils for coffee. Starbucks coffee houses gained their unprecedented popularity thanks to the excellent quality of coffee, skillful service and a cozy atmosphere. Starbucks is a guarantee of care for satisfying the tastes of the most demanding customers.

Photo of Starbucks, Lisbon, Portugal by Iris Milton

Due to its convenient location (in the center) and rather low prices, it attracted the attention of the majority of Lisbon residents. Every day a huge variety of fresh delicious pastries, desserts and other dishes are waiting for you! Moreover, the coffee is cooked her a t a high level! It is always hot and fragrant!

Bright colors, interesting things, great collections are the main components of the ideal coffee house. A single taste in clothes, interior and amazingly delicious coffee attract the attention, Come here for inspiration and a good mood!

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