Orcha, an architectural brilliance.

Photo of Orcha, an architectural brilliance. 1/1 by Sagnik Basu

Half way along the trip I had realized that my trip to this splendid town of Madhya Pradesh had been shaping itself into the sort of footloosing I had never expected. Back in the school day, I did not care much for history, but twirling around the forts and temples, it’s difficult not to pay attention to the guide and gasp as you could relate the past of this country and its dense antiquity. Orcha’s is one of the finer location you could set off with your family, or rather perfect for school trips.

This town’s splendor is apprehended in stone and is stationary in the history books is one of the finest legacy for the ages. Time stood still as the palaces and temples built by the Bundela rulers during the 17th century retain much of their primeval perfection. The city was founded earlier that century by Rudra Pratap, Rajput chieftainto whom the site was ideal for his capital. Raja Bir Singh, being the succeeding ruler who built the jaw-dropping Jehangir Mahal, a site for sore eyes. From here you can have the spectacular view of splendid temple spires and cenotaphs.

An open quadrangle, set with three glorious palaces.Jahangir MahalRaj MahalRaja Praveen MahalThese are sinfully blessed architectural works, which used to host a plethora of musicians, dancers and poets around the 17th century.

Photo of Fort Complex by Sagnik Basu

Built upon a colossal stone foundation and approached by an abrupt flight of steps, the temple was particularly built to preserve the image of Ram which, however, remained in the Ram Raja Temple. Lotus symbols of pious prominence deliver the subtle outside decoration.

This palace had been turned into a temple, and has quite the legend attached to it. This story behind the same, will be something which must find out by yourself.All in all, this palace tuned temple is the solitary place in India where Ram is worshiped as a king.

One of the exquisite expressions of the passionate Bundela rulers and is quite the souvenir of their aesthetic qualities.

Photo of Phool Bagh, Lashkar, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India by Sagnik Basu
Photo of Orcha, an architectural brilliance. by Sagnik Basu