26th Nov 2014
Photo of Orchha 1/5 by Nancy Nance
Chhatris Cenotaph
Photo of Orchha 2/5 by Nancy Nance
Ram Raja Temple, Orchha
Photo of Orchha 3/5 by Nancy Nance
Jahangir Mahal, Orchha
Photo of Orchha 4/5 by Nancy Nance
Raj Mahal, Orchha
Photo of Orchha 5/5 by Nancy Nance
Chaturbhuj Temple, Orchha

Orchha is a town in Madhya Pradesh, India. It was first established by the Maharaja Rudra Pratap Singh in 1501, who was the first king of this place. Numerous palaces have withstood the ravages of time and the traces of the paintings still cover the walls. The place gives a nostalgia of the splendor of a bygone age and the picturesque setting make it a difficult destination to resist.

 Check out the list of places to visit in Orchha to know about its poignant history. 

Image Sources:Raja Mahal | Jahangir MahalRam Raja Mandir | Chhatris Cenotaphs | Chaturbhuj Temple

It was the first palace to be built here. It's a huge palace fort surrounded by a battlement wall. A visit to the royal citadel is a must.
Photo of Raja Mahal,Orchha by Nancy Nance
Jahangir stayed here on a visit to Orchha and it was built to commemorate his coronation.
Photo of Jahangir Mahal, Tikamgarh, Madhya Pradesh, India by Nancy Nance
The only temple in India where Lord Rama is worshiped not as a God but a King.
Photo of Ram Raja Mandir, Orachha, Uttar Pradesh, India by Nancy Nance
A serene place to sit and relax. Orchha has 14 chhatris (memorial) for its past rulers - Bundela Kings.
Photo of Chhatris Cenotaphs, Orachha, Uttar Pradesh, India by Nancy Nance
It's an old temple from the 9th century. It is the largest temple of Orchha.
Photo of Chaturbhuj Temple, Orachha, Uttar Pradesh, India by Nancy Nance