Decent resort in Alibaug, though far from Ro-Ro jetty.

A very nice winding path with greenery on both sides takes you to The Fern Silvanus. This is a huge property and very well maintained.

Good points :
* This property has lots of trees
* Huge badminton court
* Ample parking pace
* Great service - calls are answered and service is given very soon
* Very courteous staff
* We were surprised to see the owner of the property - Mr Gharat serving us in the restaurant. He was looking at all the thing himself and guiding his staff accordingly
* We stayed in Winter Green cottages. They were very spacious and clean. There are spacious 2 bathrooms in these cottages with sit-outs

Points to consider :
* No refrigerator in the room, which is expected with rooms of such tariff.
* Taste of food is average. I have visited two hotels of Fern at different places and the food standard was much better.