Diveagar, a free bird

25th Sep 2018
Day 1

Every trip is an outcome of a jerk that comes out of dissatisfaction and the reason could be anything. In my case it was 24*7 job. Calling it 24*7 would help you to realize, it’s on my mind even after the office hours. So the region that was on the top of my bucket list since the time I moved to Pune was the Konkan belt. Had discussions with my friends I put this name up, Diveagar which was manageable in the time I had (weekend). So along with my sister and friends I packed my bags for Diveagar. Since it was rainy out there the clothes I preferred were all light and comfortable to avoid the moist. All were meant for the salty beaches and besides covered my body which later on protected from tanning. Since Diveagar is 160 kms far from Pune. We drove there with our personal car .For the outsiders zoom car is one of the best option. Driving through the alpine mountains we reached our destination within 5 hours.
The first thought that strikes your head after viewing Diveagar is it gives us a glimpse of Kerala. Also since it was pre-monsoon, everything seemed to be painted in green. Finding a place to stay is the first hurdle that travellers face. In our case it was a doodle. Diveagar serves you an option of luxurious resorts for which pre-booking is the only choice. Since, I prefer more of travelling and less spending on luxury. Little bit of comfort do wonders for me. So we booked a room for 1000 bucks on the day of arrival itself. Unpacking our bags and revitalizing after a little tiring journey we rushed to the nearby beach .The sunset was on its peak sky taking on shades of orange and giving  hope that it will set only to rise again. Playing with the sand on the each took me back to my childhood. Finding shells and throwing them back to water as far as I could was the peerless job on that evening. After this pleasurable activity we all were famished we could have eaten an entire elephant. So near to our room at a walking distance we had a restaurant which served appetizing pure veg food that too in the minimal amount. After eating like a horse we had a wonderful walk till our room. It was all breezy and cool out there and the street lamps created a fairy path way. Having a sleep after exhausting for the entire day was the best thing I had after so many days.

Since I am a morning person , I woke up at 6 a.m. which later proved to be delightful  .As soon as I stepped out of my room , I could smell the freshness of air filling in my lungs . The broken leaves on the ground crushed as I put my feet on them. For capturing the panorama of the sea all four of us walked down the lane towards the beach. It was a little cloudy and sunny. We as free birds ran into the water as if it was lifelong wish to be fulfilled. Crawling waves couldn’t let us resist from being any kid. After this wonderful weekend we marched back to our places. Mesmerizing beauty of the seas is heart swelling. I drenched myself completely into the shimmery water. This trip made me realize sea is its own master and plays its own symphony.

Photo of Diveagar, a free bird by shivani sengar