Ganesh Visarjan – Pune City Midnight Tour on two wheels!

Photo of Ganesh Visarjan – Pune City Midnight Tour on two wheels! 1/3 by Ankur Shukla
Photo of Ganesh Visarjan – Pune City Midnight Tour on two wheels! 2/3 by Ankur Shukla
Photo of Ganesh Visarjan – Pune City Midnight Tour on two wheels! 3/3 by Ankur Shukla

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The clock ticked 7.30 pm and I decided to have a cycling tour through the Pune city lights to have a glimpse of the ongoing “Ganesha Visarjan” festivities.A nearby Pandal just outside the Society building in Mundwa was getting equipped to beat the drums aloud,The Song “Fevicol se” was playing stridently, I thought that surely Ganesha want us all to stay cohesive just like the “Bemisaal jod of fevicol”. kids gazed at my bike’s rear-light blinkers to whom I smiled and recited – Ganpati Bappa Moreya!

Biking through the Koregaon park which is a well known place for its foreign tourist, to my amazement I saw them tapping their feet as well to the Marathi musical numbers striking with an ear piercing bass. Jovial faces, blissful spree, women in their Maharashtrian attire of colorful sarees, spotted a Sardar ji among the dancing mob- His beard was beautifully rain-bowed with the playing-colors – It was all happening and pouring in there.All these continued until I finally cycled through the Deccan/Shivaji Road towards the SB way to reach the FC street where I finally had a rendezvous with the authentic and conventional “Dhol Tasha” enriching the souls around. What a grand view that was! A guy in the middle of the assembly was holding the saffron-flag sky high, one master stroke of leading drum and rest to follow in the parallel rhythm leaving you spellbound with the breath taking tempo of the musical notes!I kept cycling through the FC road, matching eyes with the delighted faces passing by until I finally reached at backside of the Pune station and the reality was in front of me- Homeless people sleeping at the pedestrian pavement.The entire city was full of energy, gleaming lights, Smiles and celebrations, but these unprivileged folks were in their intact broken state of mind among the rest of the elated race of human beings!All they wanted was a sound sleep amid the blasting jingles all around. No doubt that up above there was a mighty radiance enlightening the sky but down here there was an engraving darkness for few!I cycled ahead to my residence, illuminating fire work followed me till the end with me randomly looking up-above – Hoping my prayers to get delivered slicing through the Skyline, Hoping for a better world for all to Live in!Hoping Lord Ganesha will listen!