Serene Dapoli

1st May 2015

Total Cost: 2000 per head (8 people) 

Including travel from Pune, accomodation in a konkan hut, food made by the family you'll be staying with.
We made a very random plan to visit Dapoli and chill out on a beach in this heating summer. We rented a Tavera(a/c) for 7k approx amd started our trip. It took us 5hours to reach Harne Beach to our beach side accomodation in Dapoli, we started around 1oclock to reaxh perfectly in time for the sunset. We chilled at the beach for a couple of hours at the sunset. Came back to our rooms to get freshen up. 
Next thing we know we had beer in our hands and Navjyot was playing some soothing chords on his guitar. Which relaxed our nerves and made us famished. The food was ready about time we ate like crazy and then got back to chilling again. 
It was about time that we prepared all the stuff for our bonfire at the beach. Luckily Harne beach is a lonely beach with nobody coming to bother you. These beaches have firewood easily available and nobody charges you for them.
Thanks to Shantaram our care taker with his help we lit the bonfire and then the sky gazing began and time was not a dimension anymore. With cool breeze hitting you, the sound of the waves elevating your senses and the full moon in the sky illuminating your soul. Our feet was in the cold sand and we were in the state of nirvana.
We woke up next morning, it was burning hot.. We clicked some pics near the palm trees and decided to beat the heat and leave for Mahabaleshwar which was hardly 100kms away.
We reached Mahabaleshwar which was completely opposite to Dapoli temperature wise. Stayed their for a while had some Mapro sandwiches and left back for pune.
Thats how it all went and we all had a smile on our faces and memories to cherish for the rest of our life.
Accomodation Contact: Prajakta 919004040387