Lonavala- A retreat of bliss

Photo of Lonavala- A retreat of bliss 1/7 by Praveen Hulsure

Lonavala is one of the most beautiful and scenic destination that is frequented by tourists, on a daily and weekly basis for a getaway. Being located at a very easily accessible distance from the metros makes it one of the smartest choices to go to whether you plan to go with family or friends. Naturally situated between the surroundings of nature on all fronts, this place is gifted with lakes, caves and plush valleys gifted with flora and fauna. Visitors can choose from a bevy of choices such as natural sites, religious temples, impressive historical wonders and places to just enjoy a lazy evening with sometimes.


One of the most striking features of Lonavala is that it is at driving distance of not more than 3-4 hours from cities such as Mumbai and Pune making it one of the least-taxing options to visit over a weekend.

The best way to reach Lonavala is by using your personal Cars and Bikes. Both these modes are the most affordable choices when it comes to travelling with friends or family.

You can also make use of Private buses, State buses, Taxis and other travel agents who have frequent and regular services to Lonavala.

Mumbai Pune Expressway or Old Mumbai Pune NH4 road is the most commonly used route that is majorly used by thousands of people to travel to Lonavala and beyond.

You can also use train services to reach here. This is one of the cheapest and time saving alternative available with travellers to reach Lonavala within 1 and a half hour from Mumbai.

Lodging options:

Lonavala has a wide variety of options available to choose from as far as lodging options are concerned. Based on the wide variety of demographics of people that visit Lonavala there are lodging available from the cheapest to the swankiest places to enjoy during your stay. The following are the types of lodging options available:

1.) Resorts.

2.) Budget Hotels.

3.) Oyo’s range of Hotels.

4.) Lodges.

5.) Homestays.

6.) Personalized Bungalows.

7.) Dormitories.

8.) Convention Centres.

All these options are available at various price ranges based on the requirements of the facilities to be enjoyed by their customers. From 5-Star hotels and Resorts to affordable Dormitories and Convention centres, Lonavala does offer a vivid selection criterion for customers based on their spending abilities.

Let’s get to know about some of the most Splendid places that his Hill-Station has to offer to its visitor as that cannot be missed out on.

1. Duke’s Nose:

Photo of Lonavala- A retreat of bliss 2/7 by Praveen Hulsure

Source: https://www.trawell.in/maharashtra/lonavala/dukes-nose-nagphani

Accessible via: Main Bazar Road.

Time: All Day Long.

Duke’s nose derives its name from a funny yet intriguing story of the shape of this hill being very similar to that of a nose. It proves to be an excellent vantage point to have a very wholesome view of the valley below it. The reason of the title of Duke conferred upon it is because of the resemblance that it had with Duke of the Wellington. Another name for this iconic view top is Nagphani and it earns it name owing to its shape that resembles the hood of a cobra. Atop this point is a temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Apart from being one of the most favourite picnic spots, the rocky structure of this place attracts a huge number of mountaineers who enjoy rock climbing, rappelling, hiking, etc.

2. Rajmachi Fort:

Photo of Lonavala- A retreat of bliss 3/7 by Praveen Hulsure

Source: https://www.thrillophilia.com/tours/rajmachi-and-kondane-caves-trek-lonavala

Accessible via: Main Bazar Road.

Time: 9 am-6 pm.

Manoranjan Balekilla or Rajmachi Fort, is one of the iconic places to visit in Lonavala which was by the most well-known ruler Maharashtra has ever seen till date, Shivaji Maharaj. Known for his intelligence in battle and strategy, this fort stands at a height of 3000 feet on the Sahyadri’s above sea level to keep an overview of the surroundings. The fort is home to many ancient temples and caves that attract a large number of vacationers based on pure folklore. The massive structure is a treat to the eyes for maximum people visiting it.

3. Tiger’s Leap:

Photo of Lonavala- A retreat of bliss 4/7 by Praveen Hulsure

Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g1156430-d3731043-Reviews-Tiger_s_Leap-Khandala_Lonavala_Pune_District_Maharashtra.html

Accessible via: I.N.S Shivaji Base.

Time: Round the clock.

One of the most frequently visited vantage points in Lonavala, Tiger’s Leap has been named so because it looks like a leaping tiger about to pounce into the valley. An echo point that is one of the most famous point for people to come and enjoy nature’s wonder is just one of the perks at this place. A mini waterfall like area proves to be a perfect spot for people to come and enjoy a picnic with their family. Atop the hill, there are various vendors selling food items like Maggi, sandwiches, light snacks, etc that entertain visitors all day long.

4. Bhushi Dam:

Photo of Lonavala- A retreat of bliss 5/7 by Praveen Hulsure

Source: https://www.tourmyindia.com/states/maharashtra/bhushi-dam.html

Accessible via: I.N.S Shivaji Base.

Time: Round the clock.

Another extremely scenic point in Lonavala to enjoy a quiet and surreal time surrounded by nature and its beauty is at the Bhushi Dam. Overlooking the Bhushi Lake, this dam is one of the most naturally gifted places to relax and just watch over a peaceful and serene lake. This dam stands over the Indrayani river of Maharashtra and is responsible for providing water to the whole of Lonavala. Due to this setting, visitors can enjoy bird watching and just enjoy the pleasures of seeing nature in its raw essence.

5. Pawna Lake:

Photo of Lonavala- A retreat of bliss 6/7 by Praveen Hulsure

Source: https://www.pawnacampex.com/

Accessible via: Pawna Dam.

Time: Round the clock.

A picturesque landscape with natural beauty oozing out of every corner of this lake proves to be a wonderful place for an outing with close ones. Impounded water from the Pawna Dam is what gave birth to this artificial lake. Nature’s aura in this place seems to get brighter with the presence of the forts in the backdrop of the lake such as Tikona, Tunga and Lohagad. Campsites during the monsoons and barbeque sites by winter are some of the common activities to be observed here.

6. Bhaja Caves:

Photo of Lonavala- A retreat of bliss 7/7 by Praveen Hulsure

Source: https://www.indianvisit.com/maharashtra/lonavala/bhaja-caves.html

Accessible via: Pawna Dam.

Time: Round the clock.

A national monument that stands as one of the oldest spectacles of rock cut caves is this site of Bhaja Caves at Lonavala. The fine works in these caves belong to the Hinayana phase of Buddhism dating back to the 1st and 2nd century BCE in India. Chaityas and Viharas are the most primary explorable areas in these caves. These caves some of the oldest stupas, sculptures, inscriptions and pillars that are over 2000 years. This rich heritage and culture of these Buddhists is nothing less than a wonder to sore eyes of the visitors.

Apart from these places there are few spots such as Celebrity Wax Museum, Amby Valley, Karla caves, Tikona Fort, Lohagad Fort, Ryewood Park, Valvan Dam, Kataldhar Waterfall, Kune Waterfalls and Sausage Hills. These places are some of the most frequently visited places in Lonavala and post this covid scenario it seems to be like one of the most ideal spots to go for a mini-vacation. Given the circumstances currently, it seems like one of the most viable options economically and time-efficient.