Road Trip to Igatpuri (Ashoka waterfall)

18th Aug 2019
Day 1

This was just one day road trip to Igatpuri. Journey begins and ends on the same day. I started in the morning and pick up my friends from various location. Once we all met, then our road journey begins... It's was raining heavily on that day and couldn't see the road properly. Viper of my car was running in fast mode. Listening to Melody music and chatting, suddenly we realized we have reached Kasara ghat. One way of ghat was closed so we follow other cars which was leading us to other side of the ghat. After travelling few distance we were struck in traffic and then slowly doging big trucks we reached at the top of the ghat. View was awesome. Fog was everywhere. Couldn't see far distance due to fog. After travelling few miles we reached one of the waterfall which was small in size. Then we move from that place and thought of going to the famous place i.e Ashoka waterfall. This was named as Ashoka because shooting happened for the movie with same name. Then we set out location on Google map and went to see the place. Once we reached location as per Google map, we found nothing. Then we realized the Google is unable to gives us the exact location. So we went out on our own, driving on the closed road. There we found a left turn(Board display "Ashoka Waterfall").  FINALLY we reached out destination. We got to see lot many people already present. After parking our car, we entered the gates and steps was there to move down. It was well maintained and fenced all around the stairs. We went down got to see the beautiful waterfall. Intially we were reluctant to go, then somehow we went and really enjoyed the waterfall. After enjoying, we were hungry and then we ordered masala maggie where half of it was drowned in water.
Then we changed our clothes and was ready to go back home. Returns journey begins and after listening romantic collection of songs, we reached our homes. Trip Ends..

Photo of Ashoka Waterfall (Vihi Waterfall), Ashoka waterfall, Vihigaon, Maharashtra, India by Himanshu Kala