The Indigenous Connection!

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The term tourism can be divided in several sub-terms giving it a wide range of different activities to be associated with. Tourism has diversified into many sub-terms or types such as Ecological, Pilgrim, Business etc. Lately, a new type of tourism has surfaced which is commonly known as Indigenous Tourism. Indigenous tourism falls between cultural and ecological type of tourism. In this type of tourism, one can experience both nature as well as the root culture of the place.

So how exactly does Indigenous tourism work? Why is it important and emerged as a type?

Well, it benefits two things at the same time. First, it keeps the tradition of a community alive and Second, it enables the tourists from around the world to experience a little about the root. The way Indigenous culture has been showcased has changed drastically due to the invasion of technology. Countries like Canada, Australia and New Zealand are up ahead and have embraced this type of tourism.

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Today, In India, the only place where you can experience indigenous culture is through a museum with the audio tour. I believe to really experience and feel the culture you need proper environment or a surrounding. Many indigenous practices involve folk dances, colourful paintings and designs on the performing people, nature worshipping etc which has to be experienced with the space. There are places allotted where one can stay and feel the aura of the place and just distance oneself from technology and live the life of a nomad. This can also help the local people economically as there is no middle man.

Talking about India, it is rich in culture which profoundly diverse and home to countless indigenous communities which are on a verge of loosing their culture due to urbanization. It is important to acknowledge their culture by visiting a small community village, getting to know their lifestyle, culture, food etc and spend some time learning maybe a new perspective or a mindset. If nothing, just a couple of life lessons on the way. While on your way home from the trip, the feeling of connecting with a different culture will get a smile to have a perfect ending!

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I have personally experienced one such indigenous tribe back in 2017. I visited a tribal hamlet situated on the border of Maharashtra and Karnataka with my cousins. The tribes are prominently known as Banjara but are named different in other parts of India. They aren't exactly indigenous but have their roots here since a while but their origin is a much debated topic. Unfortunately, I don't have any visual proofs or photograph,s with me but I do have a picture from a nearby ridge around the hamlet.

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Picture from a nearby ridge around the hamlet.

By getting to know the roots of a community or a tribe, it gives a broader view of how they have survived till today staying unconnected yet living to the brim of their hearts and quite happy with satisfaction!

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