When age is just a number…

29th Nov 2019

I have travelled a lot as a kid with my parents and now with my friends but this trip will always be very special to me.  I arranged this trip for my grandfather who by the way has turned 100 years today!

He had expressed his wish of travelling by an aeroplane at least once in his lifetime! So two years back when he was 97, we did this very unique flight trip together.

With the budget of Rs.12,000/- he asked me to arrange a trip for the both of us.

He had seen many places in India so he didn't want to explore any city or a particular destination. It was strictly all about the flight experience.

So after a bit of research regarding flight timings, budget and considering that we will have enough time to enjoy but yet not be hectic, I booked a Pune-Bangalore-Pune one day return flight.

On the trip morning he was all set to fly with an airport look of a perfectly ironed white Kurta-Pyjama, Gandhi Topi and with the vigour  and curiosity of a child. It was a perfect example of dreams coming true at any age only if you have the will power!

He even refused to take any airport help. He wanted to explore this experience on his own to the fullest.

The itinerary 😉 was to catch the morning flight, reach the airport, have lunch and check-in for the return flight to Pune the same evening.

I made sure that he got a window seat.

During the flight journey, he was keenly observing everything. After some time I eagerly asked him, how was he feeling? He answered in the most unexpected way “It is just a bus ride over the clouds.” 😁

I liked his honest review and then let him enjoy the rest of his flight journey.

We came home the same evening. I was really tired and chose to rest while he chose to go out and share his experience with his friends with the same enthusiasm and zeal that he had in the morning!

Many people appreciated and praised me for what I did for him, but for me his zest and exuberance to experience something new at his age and on top of that, to share his experience with his friends immediately was out of this world.

Well, that was my takeaway from that day!

Photo of When age is just a number… by Pooja Nikam
Photo of When age is just a number… by Pooja Nikam
Photo of When age is just a number… by Pooja Nikam
Photo of When age is just a number… by Pooja Nikam