Unexplored Himachal

25th Sep 2018
Photo of Unexplored Himachal by Disha kocharekar

The day was getting bigger and bigger and at every moment when we thought it's about to get more messy, it got more beautiful.
We were hungry and decided to find a place as we were stuck for a long time in a big traffic jam between mandi and kasol.
The roads were packed with all those cars and big luxury busses and also it was raining heavily.
Things were turning messy as we thought we won't get any place to eat and may be we won't reach our destination today.

With zero hopes but still singing and laughing we were going on and on. And there we found this place.
It was a small maggie shop.
We didn't knew at that moment what this place has hidden inside.
As we moved we saw this amazing view from their balcony.
Watching this mesmerizing view made me realise how small we are and how small all our problems are. There is more in this life to see and explore, but we are stuck on short term happiness which we think will make us happy, but in the end we are just stuck in one place or another.

Life is short, and we have loads of things to experience. Let's not give up. Let's move. You don't need to travel to be happy, you just have to find those small happy moments in your major life movements.😊❤️


Photo of Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India by Disha kocharekar