The One-Of-A-Kind Fish Festival Of Moscow Lures Tourists From India!


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Photo of Moscow, Russia by Tanvi Shah (travelstoriesbytan)

The flavoursome event took place from May 26, 2023 to June 4, 2023. Tourists from India and natives of Russia delighted their palette with exquisite seafood cuisines. The one-of-a-kind Fish Festival of Moscow also included a special menu from the 50 best restaurants of the capital, culinary workshops, concert programs and sports entertainment.

On the streets of the Russian capital, the best suppliers from various parts of the country presented their products at fairs and in shopping chalets.

One of the most mouth-savouring events of the season in Moscow- the Fish Week was enjoyed thoroughly by the visitors, with more than 500 kinds of fish and seafood, a gastronomic Fish Festival!

The event was basked by visitors at 23 venues at once in the capital, with people from different countries attending the event, including Indian audiences.

In addition, the event also witnessed an incredible culinary show, ‘Big Fish Soup’, graced by the renowned Russian restaurateur and Chef Konstantin Ivlev, who prepared 100 litres of delicious fish soup using an exclusive recipe.

Guests were not only able to enjoy delicacies but also participated in sporting events specially curated for them.

The extraordinary Fish Festival emerged as the most rejoiced event by the visitors as a perfect blend of food and recreational activities. There were fishing championships, SUP-boarding regattas and free water rides for young guests. While fishing championships were held in the city’s parks and SUP-boarding regattas on the banks of the Moskva River, the event organisers arranged free rides at the prime locations. It also had a special menu from the 50 best restaurants in the capital, culinary workshops, concert programs and sports entertainment.

It gave the opportunity to visitors coming from all over the world to dive into the cultural expedition of Russia while enjoying a delightful fish odyssey.

Fish Week in Moscow, the gastronomic festival is one of many events within the framework of the Moscow Seasons project, where tourists from different countries are given a chance to get acquainted with the culture and history of Russia.

Do you plan on being a part of this gastronomic festival next season? Let us know in the comments below!

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