8 Hacks To Travel On a Budget

Photo of 8 Hacks To Travel On a Budget by Tanisha Bhandari

1. Volunteer for a free stay and food 👩‍🍳

This option saves huge costs by getting you a free stay and food in exchange for volunteering. In return, you have to help them with cooking, housekeeping, managing property or social media for a minimum time. How amazing is that?

2. Compare prices across various websites 💻

It’s a good practice to compare prices of accommodation and flights across different platforms to get the best deal. Check Trivago for comparing hotel prices and Skyscanner to compare flight prices. They will tell you the website giving the cheapest deal.

3. Travel in the off-season or to off-beat places 🏔️

During the peak season, the rates of stay, food, activities and every other thing are the highest. So it is better to travel during the off-season or explore an offbeat place which is not crowded. This will ensure there is no burden on your pocket.

4. Eat Local Food 🍜

Avoid eating at expensive restaurants and rather have a meal at some local shop. This way you can try local cuisine and can save thousands of rupees.

5. Stay in dorms 🛌

Dorms are such a cheap option for accommodation. Instead of spending INR 3000 on one private room, you can book a dorm at the same price for 5 days.

6. Public transport > Private taxis 🚌

Travelling in buses or trains is such a huge relief for your budget as private taxis charge high rentals that burn a hole in your pocket. If buses are not available, then try going for shared cabs.

7. Avoid Shopping 🛍️

We all have this habit of shopping at every place we go to. It’s the temptation that we cannot resist. But to travel on a budget, you have to avoid spending on lavish and unnecessary things.

8. Go for free activities 🧗‍♀️

If you are on a tight budget, then you can ditch expensive experiences like paragliding or rafting. Instead, go for free activities like exploring the city on foot, trekking in the mountains or taking a dip at the beach or waterfall.

If you have any other tips to travel within a budget, then share them in the comments. 👇