Experiencing The Magic Of The Devkund Waterfall During Monsoons!


Monsoons and day-treks in the Sahyadris are go hand-in-hand for the Maharashtrians - specifically the youngsters from Pune and Mumbai. A group of friends, bike rides on the open roads leading to the mountains, Rain-Gods showering their blessings continually and the making of some happy and everlasting memories with friends is the recipe for a perfect weekend hike during the monsoons.

One such popular destination for a hiking is the Devkund Waterfall in the Andharban forest in Raigad district of Maharashtra. Andharban literally translates as the dark forest, and Devkund Waterfall is the end point of this trail. Located near Bhira, Devkund Waterfall is one of the most pristine waterfalls hidden deep inside the Andharban Valley.

Getting there:

We started from Pune at about 6am and drove for about 3 hours to Patnus, the base point for the Devkund trek. We had carried some light breakfast with us, and enjoyed it on the way. Paying some nominal parking and entry charges per person, we started the walking along the trail. Since it is a popular trek, there were quite a few trekking groups with us. It is recommended that you have a local guide with you for the hike, as it is very easy to lose your way in the forest.

The hike:

It is a hike that takes about 3 hours to reach the waterfall, and the entire trail is breathtakingly beautiful. Initially flatlands, the trail can seem deceptively easy at first. But as you progress, it gets a little tough with the dense forest, wet slippery paths and the incessant rains.

Mixed terrain, we had to also cross the river couple of times as we hiked along. With the pouring rains and water levels rising, it was a clear adrenaline rush as we walked through waist-deep water at places. Of course, there were ropes and temporary bridges made for hikers to cross. Professional trekkers were offering help to amateurs and boosting confidence.

Rocky valleys with gushing waters and clouds climbing down to kiss the greens - it is absolutely picturesque a hike and the natural landscape leaves you mesmerized.

Photo of Experiencing The Magic Of The Devkund Waterfall During Monsoons! 1/3 by Rasika Tamhane
Water gushing down the hill slopes
Photo of Experiencing The Magic Of The Devkund Waterfall During Monsoons! 2/3 by Rasika Tamhane
Andharban Forest

The waterfall:

As we wandered on the trail further into the deeper forest, we could hear the sound of the waterfall, but there was nothing to be seen. The sound of gushing water only kept intensifying for the next half hour yet there wasn't any sign even then.

And it was only after a sudden way through the narrow pathway out of the dense forest did the big revelations happen! Foaming white waters cascading down a plunge fall straight into the clear Kund (pond) below. True to its name, Devkund, meaning the Pond of the Gods, the rocky surroundings, a single beam of sunlight lighting up the water in the pond, is a surreal sight to watch.

Photo of Experiencing The Magic Of The Devkund Waterfall During Monsoons! 3/3 by Rasika Tamhane
The plunge waterfall of Devkund

It is said that the pressure of the falling water at the point at which it plunges in the pond creates a cyclical current underwater so strong that it can be fatal to swimmers. As such, the pond has a clear defined boundary for swimmers to get in, and one should not go beyond that.

The emerald green water was icy cold and a swim was all we needed after a good hike. It is indeed a magical experience, and all travelers around Pune and Mumbai should definitely put the trek to Devkund on their bucket lists!

A magical experience

Photo of Devkund Waterfall, Bhira, Mangaon, Maharashtra, India by Rasika Tamhane

Journey back home:

After reveling in the waters, we started our trek back to the base. An exhausting walk back, we enjoyed some delicious hot food at the local homestays before heading home to Pune.

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