Mumbai: The city of raw magnetism

Photo of Mumbai: The city of raw magnetism 1/1 by Shikha Bhatt

Too many...just too many things have been said about Mumbai. We have countless books and movies too. But you cannot understand any of it..mind it none of it..until you experience it. You are going to feel the humidity and action in the air as soon as you place your first step on the ground and an instant energy will take you by storm.

You would want to get into action. For a person like me who is not sure of what routes to take and which local to sit in, I decided to go with the flow. I was here in "Mumbai meri jaan" to experience why it was so loved in spite of being so crude. It did not take me time to get my answer...Because it is natural. It's Fervent ..but sensitive. It's passionate but tender. And don't worry if you don't know where to go..In spite that people are in hurry they are going to smile (knowing the fact that u r new to the city) and guide you.

People in Mumbai are always running cause the city is so high on adrenalin that journey of an hour gets absorbed in a moment and believe me ..You wanna hold it. From Mornings as early as 4 am you can see the movement. You hardly make it past dawn that everyone seems to be in form already. The Local Transportation is so well connected . A local arrives at short intervals taking you across the city that is spread over closely 4900 square kilometres. And if you are new it will take some time for u to understand that to get inside the local train is not getting inside any other train. It's a life time experience. I did not even had to make an effort to climb on the train. The crowd is eventually going to push u along and you will find urself on the train and then they smile knowing you are an outsider while you wonder what happened. Local Train is the best and the easiest way to travel in Mumbai . Its good connectivity can take you across the city easily .

Mumbai is India's ultimate fashion destination. You can find the best of clothes at best of prices. Church gate , fashion street , Bandra , Lokhandwala Andheri east, Mangaldas market, Crawford Market are a few places to go street shopping. And the best part ..U can bargain. With the colour and variety you would not want to go to another mall.

Tourist destinations mark the entire length of the city. From Essel world to best malls , from Bandra bandstand to Juhu Beach and from Gateway Of India to Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal railway station one finds fusion of culture and modernization. But the best of Mumbai is in its small things. If you go to Juhu don't forget its Kaala Khataa. It's the best . A water ride from the Gateway of India to other hotspots is a thrill. One can have Pav Bhaji , Misal Pav and Chaat all Mumbai istyle. And Bollywood. Lets not forget the city that is immersed in music and films..where talent grows.Bollywood is in the streets, malls and even small shops . It sweeps into the city.

Mumbai is a city of survivors , a city of Dreams. The rush of the city has its own story. The story of Thrill ,Dream , Success and Defeat. It's a city of making and breaking. People come here to start their dreams. Sometimes U Win ..Sometimes U Learn. But life in general never comes to a halt . Rather it takes you around in a way that always makes you experience yourself in a different way altogether. You immediately get addicted . As I Got on the train for my return journey I realized I wanted to stay to focus more on how imperfections in many things could brush up against one another and refine each other. That's what we find in our relationships too. We all are imperfect human beings ..but we work on each other and our relationships too. As my train moved away from the station ...I felt a pang of remorse. The remorse of leaving the city which is an example for every struggle, Every defeat and Every victory.