How To Indulge At Mumbai's Street Snack Corners!

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Steaming hot dosas at Sophia's College
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Mixed fruit golas to enjoy at Chowpatti
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Pack me some vada pacs!
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Juicy and tender meat kebabs at Bademiya
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The romali rotis are to die for

First stop, breakfast…

  • Mysore Masala Dosa near Sophia’s College

So I’ve studied at Sophia’s College, and whenever we would get our breaks, the dosa corner at the end of the street is where we would all head off to. The delicious, crispy, and fresh dosa, stuffed with potato masala, is of course the main attraction. You can complement the dishes with a wide range of chutneys to spice things up a bit. Almost every other dish on the menu is just as scrumptious and mouth-watering.

My favorite street snacks…

  • Elco Pani Puri Centre, Bandra

My personal favorite kind of street snack is the pani puri. I can’t seem to get enough, but knowing the right places to go to is very important. Known to stand out for its taste, and hygienic precautions, the Elco Market serves some of the best pani puri. The variety of pani puris range from bhel puri, sev puri, and ragda pattice. Although the price range is a bit higher, it’s well worth the cost.

  • Vada Pav Samrat, Vile Parle East

Located right by the Mahila Sangh college, there’s a small food joint that serves delicious Vada Pavs! This would probably be my second best street snack, after the pani puri. The best thing about this place is they have such great variety at unbelievable prices. When I order my vada pav, I ensure to add a little extra spice, covering and blending the two types of chutney on the pav. The samosa pav and kanda bhaji surely must be tried too!

If you want a little bit of everything…

  • Churchgate Khao Galli

There are tons of Khao Gallis, or ‘Food Lanes,’ as they’re called across Mumbai, but one of the more renowned one lies in Churchgate. Anytime throughout the day, you can catch some of the best street food delectables from pav bhaji, vada pav, sev puri, and steaming hot chai to digest it all.

  • Juhu Chowpatti

So whether it’s the pav bhaji, pani puri, or the gooey, sweet slushies known as the ‘gola,’ you can find it all here at the Juhu Chowpatti. A happy, bustling corner late at nights, this place is teeming with foodies in small groups. It’s best to grab a few friends, and chat down for food festivities throughout the night.

For the non-veggies out there…

  • Bademiya, Colaba

I’m sure if you’ve traversed through Colaba or Fort side, you must have heard of the renowned Bademiya food stall right behind the Taj Hotel. A lip smacking menu filled with chicken tikka rolls, kheema rolls, and of course a horde of kebabs, this place will definitely not disappoint.

  • Food stalls near Bandra train station

So this area obviously is not as renowned, or doesn’t have a chain restaurant like the earliest ones listed, but some of the best meat dishes I’ve tried at these stalls right by the Bandra station! The chicken tikka rolls are so juicy, as the flavors just burst in your mouth. You can grab chicken or mutton legs in a platter too, and just munch away, if you’re in for something a bit heavier.

Late night corners…

  • Ayub’s Fort

Also located at Fort, this is a slightly scaled down and cheaper alternative of Bademiya, serving some of the best rolls and North Indian food. You can get some cheap drinks up in here as well, as this place stays open till 4 in the morning.

  • Annapoorna Sandwich Corner, Vile Parle

Open late night hours on all days, except on Mondays, this place gives the best combination of juices and sandwiches for a tasty, casual snack. From the lychee cool, to the mixed fruit cream, and strawberry faloodas, the desserts are so simple yet so delicious. Mixed with the right tangy tastes of a variety of sandwiches, this place just does the trick.

  • Bachelor’s, Marine Drive

With no seating arrangement, this roadside ice cream shop, has been around for ages. Open till 4 in the morning as well, this place stores some of the yummiest milk shakes, juices, and ice creams. If you’re feeling adventurous enough, you could even give the spicy, chilly flavored ice cream a try!

Hope these ten food joints will give you an extra push to go out and explore the diverse food joints of Mumbai!

When it comes to Mumbai, you can be sure to try out some of the best street foods in all of India. Because, let’s face it. It’s not everyday we can indulge in fancy restaurants but for that very reason, street foods are the way to go. Whether it’s for the sweet tooth, spicy delectables, fresh juices, or to satisfy the non-vegetarian in you, Mumbai is the foodie’s paradise. Although there are tons of choices out there, here are some of my favorites that I’ve narrowed down:

On Peddar Road, you're going to have to climb up the steep roads, right before the all women's institute: Sophia's College. There at the corner, you'll know right from the wonderful aroma that the piping, hot dosas await. Make your way to the Dosa Centre near the college.

This pain puri joint stands at the Elco Market, and is renowned to have some of the best tasting and most hygienic pain puri of the lot.

Turning into the end of Subhash Road, you'll find 'Mahila Sangh' College, and if you keep passing by it you'll find a brightt red stall entitled 'Vada Pav Samrat.' That's where you need to be at Vile Parle to taste some of the best Vada Pavs!

The Churchgate area has some pretty fantastic eateries, especially around the station side. One such lane can be found right by the infamous Fashion Street. For more such lanes, walk on over to the Azad maidan, that can help you out with items such as sandwiches, cold drinks, and fruit juices.

Indulge in the variety of street snacks Mumbai is known for, and then make a pit stop at the beach to watch the calming waters.

If you want some of the best kebabs or meat dishes in town, Colaba is the place to be, or better yet, small yet tasty stall of 'Bademiya,' located snugly behind the Taj Hotel. The chicken tikka rolls are some of the best to try out for sure!

Another spot for meat-lovers, storing some of the best yet cheaper alternatives, than Bademiya, head over to Ayub's! This is in the Fort area.

Who would've thought there would be tasty corners near the Bandra station? Oh but they are, maybe a bit undiscovered!

Indulge in some of the best flavors and creaminess of ice creams at this joint!!

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