Our weekend getaway to Nashik

13th Sep 2016

A road trip amidst the clouds!

Well this wasn’t a road trip actually, but I would love to call it a road trip as that was the best part about travelling to Nashik, which is about 165 Kms from Mumbai. We didn’t really go sightseeing or anything, it was just a weekend chillout!

So we’d been planning this trip since almost 5 months. Now that’s a really long time right? A small getaway was all that we needed. So it finally happened on the 1st of July. And I’m glad it didn’t happen earlier, or I wouldn’t have witnessed rain, fog, and clouds on my way!

It was a Friday, and we’d planned to leave at 3.30 in the afternoon. We were already in the Friday mood since morning, and it was really difficult for me to concentrate on work.

We ended up leaving at 4.30 on what we thought would only be a weekend getaway!

There was a bit of turn-off due to a lot of traffic and we ended up reaching at around 8.30!!

We couldn’t enjoy the trip and the greenery alongside the highway as it was already a bit dark when we reached the ghats.

(So now you’d be wondering, where was “the road trip amidst the clouds” as the blog name mentions, isn’t it? Wait till the end guys, don’t start judging me already… ???? )

So after reaching Nashik, we stayed at a friend’s place. It was a perfect nightout filled with fun, songs, and gossips. We didn’t realize when the night passed and it was already dawn. We slept for a few hours, woke up, had lunch (the delicious Gujarati thali) and left for our way back home.

So now all the fun begins. As soon as we hit the highway, it starts raining! We could witness the beautiful greenery alongside. After a few kilometers, there was a lot of fog on the road, with almost no visibility. It just felt heavenly. We were driving in between the clouds!

Photo of Nashik, Maharashtra, India by Tanvi Bhatt

We had stopped in between to click pictures near the waterfall by the highway and to have chai. Look at us, so happy we are!

Photo of Our weekend getaway to Nashik by Tanvi Bhatt

It was so amazing that I didn’t want our drive to end. But as all good things come to an end, so did our journey back home. Though the trip lasted just for a day, we’ve definitely made memories to cherish for a lifetime!

Photo of Our weekend getaway to Nashik by Tanvi Bhatt

You guys are amazing!

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