10 Pictures From Lodi Art District 2.0 Which Prove It Is Delhi's Hottest Photo Spot


Shout-out to all avid photographers! 

In the heart of Delhi, lies India’s open-air public art district - The Lodhi Art which is a major project undertaken by St+art India, a not-for-profit organisation established in 2014 by young like-minded artists! After a successful event last year; the festival is back with new murals that are set to beautify Delhi in a new way.

The festival is a two-month art fest and features more than 20 artists from all over India and across the world; displaying their art on the drab walls of government residential buildings and in / around the neighbourhood. So, if you're wondering what to do this weekend.. here's where you must be!

Head out to spend the evening taking a walk through the streets of Lodhi colony.

Located between Khanna Market and Meherchand Market, let me take you on a virtual tour of Lodhi Colony through some photographs! Hope you like it!

Artist - Sajid Wajid Shaikh

Here there's strength, there's vivacity, and there's life. This art piece celebrates women and their Feminity – what could otherwise be called ‘Shakti.’

Artist - Yoh Nagao

There's nothing more beautiful than a piece of art that depicts one's personality. This artwork is all about vibrancy, freshness, and character.

Artist - Sameer Kulavoor

This artwork is a reflection of 21st century civilians who swear by social media and the influence of modern age "influencers" on human lives.

Artist – David Leitner

You see everything from dirt to pollution, but you also see the power of honesty and transparency in a painting so beautiful!

Artist – Bond Truluv

Colors make our life interesting, don't they? This painting, a display of vibrant colors is a real treat to our eyes.

Artist – Georgia Hill & Hanif Kureshi

Look at those intriguing lines of symmetry! They're inviting, capturing and equally perfect.

Artist – Sam Lo & Sopho

They say inspiring hands pave way to a promising future. Look at this beautiful bird art, painted through the choicest of hands - all to gift you some 'eye- presents.'

Artist – Siddharth Gohil & Nikunj Prajapati

Painting this canvas is an unconventional idea, and look how resplendent it is turning now. This painting is a perfect mix of vibrancy, color, and creativity.

Artist – Adele Renault

Every piece of art is intricate. This painting is massive and embodies the spirit of a free bird - it's captivating and intriguing.

Artist – Yip Yew Chong

Who isn't attracted by the sounds of musical instruments? Here the flute seller is the central point of attraction. But don't forget the other characters here; they're all genuine and curious!