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Photo of 5 LESSONS FROM THE GOAN BEACH LIFE by Monalisa Borkakoty

Moving to Goa has been one of the wisest decisions of my life. Living in Delhi before that had made my life erratic. Eating habits were ridiculous, corporate life sucking out my eyeballs, I knew the attitude towards everything had to change. The shift to Goa was spontaneous and I am relishing its fruits still. Goa transforms you in many ways and definitely shows you to live the good life.

A few of the many lessons I have learnt:

1. Early bird catches its prey- Waking up early when you live on the beach is a must. All the important activities occur in the first half of the day. The fish at the jetty, the veggies at the daily market, the long drive to eat the best crabs, all the great ideas; all need a head start early. To get things get done in the first half of the day is a wise move if you don’t want to hear the rhetorical “tomorrow”.

Photo of 5 LESSONS FROM THE GOAN BEACH LIFE 1/5 by Monalisa Borkakoty
Early morning scenes at Mapusa Market

2. You are what you eat - The availability of fresh ingredients enables everyone to serve delectable menus all over this tiny state. Ingredients like Coconut oil is a very useful and its benefits help you get great skin even if you use it regularly to cook. It helps diabetic patients and also helps you keep your tresses soft. It makes a great spice for curries and also a great component in authentic dessert. Drinking virgin coconut oil is a great way to cleanse your insides. and this is just one of the things that Goa produces. The outcome of eating healthy and fresh has automatically made an impression which is why Goa's food and its people are revered all over.

Photo of 5 LESSONS FROM THE GOAN BEACH LIFE 2/5 by Monalisa Borkakoty
Goan aunty and her delectables

3. The high standard of living- With people coming from all over the world over years, the locals have learned a thing or two about living standards. To rent old Portuguese houses and stand alone modern houses are quite affordable and they come quite equipped too. You have various fancy options if you want an apartment and usually everything comes fully furnished. The gardens, the backayrd for your kitchen garden and the living around all kinds of wildlife, makes you appreciate everything more.

Photo of 5 LESSONS FROM THE GOAN BEACH LIFE 3/5 by Monalisa Borkakoty
Pretty Neighborhood

4. Food goes best with a chilled beer- On the beach, people like to drink. One will come across many who start early but normally they start at lunch and it continues. All the fish curries and the fish fried with semolina or the caldin curry, all taste better with beer.

As one might associate Goa with cheap alcohol, you will come across many who do not drink. People can hold their drinks here (well, almost!) and one might gulp a beer over lunch and on a hot day. The occasional Uraq which a local drink made from cashews and is a finer version of the Feni will sometimes be enough to get you going.

Photo of 5 LESSONS FROM THE GOAN BEACH LIFE 4/5 by Monalisa Borkakoty
Only in Goa.

5. Change is the only constant- Watching the waves of the ocean, it is the tide that makes everyone dance on its tunes. The way we accept that and enjoy every sunset or full moon, we must also accept the changes that life throws at us and try to conquer our fears. The ocean has some valuable lessons and if nothing, the Goan beah life will definitely make you philosophical.

Photo of 5 LESSONS FROM THE GOAN BEACH LIFE 5/5 by Monalisa Borkakoty
An afternoon of retrospection

The most valuable lesson of all is that I learnt how family comes first. All your families; the one you are born in and the one you make over time.