A List of Five Unique Museums in Delhi that You Must Include in Your Bucket List

Photo of A List of Five Unique Museums in Delhi that You Must Include in Your Bucket List by The Rooted Nomads (Ria Chaudhury)

Museums are a great place to gather knowledge and Delhi is home to a number of unique museums. There are museums for history , science, arts and crafts, toys, trains, cameras and even toilet. Yes, you heard it right! There is a toilet museum as well. So here is a list of Five unique museums in Delhi that you must visit.

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(1)National Museum , New Delhi

National Museum of Delhi, located near Janpath area is a storehouse of endless knowledge. This museum has a large collection of artefacts from pre-historic era, Indus Valley civilization , Gupta Dynasty, Maurya Dynasty and so on. There is even a skeleton of a woman from the Indus valley civilization era. There are huge galleries displaying and preserving the artefacts. If you are really interested in enriching yourselves with all the knowledge that this museum stores , you would need at least three hours in hand. There are audio guides available as well.

A collection of ancient Jewellery of India

Photo of A List of Five Unique Museums in Delhi that You Must Include in Your Bucket List by The Rooted Nomads (Ria Chaudhury)

A skeleton dating back to the Indus Valley civilisation

Photo of A List of Five Unique Museums in Delhi that You Must Include in Your Bucket List by The Rooted Nomads (Ria Chaudhury)

The Museum remains open on all days , except Mondays from 10am to 6pm. The entry tickets are Rs. 20 per person for Indian nationals and Rs. 650 per person for foreign tourists.

Nearest Metro station: Rajiv Chowk, Yellow line

(2) Shankar's International Dolls museum, New Delhi

If you loved playing with dolls in your childhood or if you are travelling with a kid, then this museum is straight out of a childhood fantasy. This museum houses dolls every corner of this world! The dolls, about six thousand in number, from about eighty five countries , are beautifully displayed in the Museum. The dolls present a wonderful diversity of thoughts and culture of the people from different countries of the world.

This museum remains open from 10am to 5.30pm everyday and remains closed on Mondays. The entry tickets cost Rs. 25 per person for adults and Rs.10 per child.

Nearest Metro Station: Pragati Maidan, Blue Line

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(3) Rail Museum, New Delhi

This is a sprawling eleven acres open air museum which displays the 166 years heritage of the Indian Railways. This outdoor museum displays a large number of various types of locomotives, engines , wagons and so on. One can spend a day among the trains and learn a lot about the history and heritage of the Indian Railways.

The Rail Museum remains open on all days from Tuesday to Sunday and remains closed on Mondays. The ticket price is Rs. 50 per adult and Rs. 10 per Child.

Nearest Metro station: Jor Bagh / INA , Yellow Line.

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(4) Sulabh International Museum of Toilets, New Delhi

This is the most unique museum that I visited. This museum houses different types of sanitary equipment from the historical era to present day scenario. You can learn about the evolving scenario of global sanitary systems. There are sections of ancient , medieval and modern era sanitary systems and one would be awed to know how the humans have been concerned about sanitary systems There is even a grand and decorative toilet seats of kings of India , expensive stone studded toilet seat of queen Victoria and many other royals from across the world. Also, one can learn about the methods of converting human waste to fertilizers.

The museum provides free entry , parking and a guided tour and remains open on all days from 10am to 6pm and on Sundays and holidays from 10am to 5pm.

Nearest Metro Station : Palam , Magenta Line

(5) National Science Centre , New Delhi

National Science centre in Delhi is one of the largest in Asia. This museum is equipped with interactive methods of teaching physics, chemistry , biology , evolution and so on. It has innovative ways of displaying difficult topics visually so that one can understand easily. It also has a huge gallery showcasing the era of dinosaurs. If you are interested in science , then a visit to this museum is a must for You.

The museum remains open on all days except Holi and Diwali from 9.30 am to 6pm

Nearest Metro station : Pragati Maidan , Blue Line

Aren't these museums really interesting? So, when are you planning to visit the Museums?

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