A quick refuge from murderous Delhi heat. Head to this quaint little stay at Jim Corbett

Photo of A quick refuge from murderous Delhi heat. Head to this quaint little stay at Jim Corbett by Pratiksha Mohanty

For someone who has recently moved from the famously pristine weather of Bangalore to Delhi, there is a constant itch to escape the heat to someplace cooler and less crowded. My whims and wishes translated to reality this weekend and translate did they!

My Dearest Husband surprised me with a quick trip to Camp Hornbill in Kyari Village situated deep in the Corbett region. Residents of the village of Kyari founded the community-led business Camp Hornbill in 2010. It's located inside Pawalgarh Conservation Reserve (PCR). The PCR is a component of India's Uttarakhand region's Corbett Tiger Reserve. The local youth and community members are the only ones that own and run the camp. It was founded to promote and support ecotourism in the Kyari village. The goal at Camp Hornbill is to establish an alternative type of outdoor recreation that is responsible, promotes environmental protection, and benefits local economies.

The drive was about 5 hrs long with a smooth straight road leading you to the Village. Soon after a small bumpy patch through the forest, a concrete highway connects you to the property, next to the river. You will be greeted by lust mango trees and uncountable other species of trees and shrubs, adding to that the smiling faces of Naveen the owner at Hornbill.

The owners here encourage community living and their effort reflects through the community hall which also doubles as the dining space, and library. You will notice minimal lighting throughout the property to safeguard the dwelling of birds in the garden area which is a mini forest in itself.