"Beauty In Concrete" by Sanjeev Nanda

18th Aug 2016
Photo of "Beauty In Concrete" by Sanjeev Nanda by sanjeevnanda

One of my trips to the beautiful Taj Mahal was one without any guide, but with a set of my most favorite, most annoying people in the world - my parents! Their tag-along was a product of them visiting the capital, New Delhi, when I was working as a contractual temp for 6 whole months. This time however, I was taken aback how interested my parents were in the trip, and how interested I was not - which almost never happens. But this time I was blase, because I had been to the Taj Mahal not long ago. I was merely an observer - but therein lied the juice of my trip - I was fascinated by the visitors of this beautiful location, enjoying the sights, in their own wonderful way. I was meta - an observer observing the observers. It was truly breathtaking - to see so many people flock at the marble altar - celebrating a vision of love, set centuries removed.