My Perfecto Day in my city Delhi

21st Mar 2014
Photo of My Perfecto Day in my city Delhi 1/9 by Kirti Gupta
Fio restaurant
Photo of My Perfecto Day in my city Delhi 2/9 by Kirti Gupta
Hauz Khas village
Photo of My Perfecto Day in my city Delhi 3/9 by Kirti Gupta
Jazz music festival at Nehru park
Photo of My Perfecto Day in my city Delhi 4/9 by Kirti Gupta
Jama Masjid
Photo of My Perfecto Day in my city Delhi 5/9 by Kirti Gupta
Road to Murthal
Photo of My Perfecto Day in my city Delhi 6/9 by Kirti Gupta
The Olive Bar and kitchen
Photo of My Perfecto Day in my city Delhi 7/9 by Kirti Gupta
Photo of My Perfecto Day in my city Delhi 8/9 by Kirti Gupta
Lake view spot at Hauz Khas
Photo of My Perfecto Day in my city Delhi 9/9 by Kirti Gupta

As a Delhiite I can swear that I love Delhi or maybe I can say I am addicted to this city. Delhi's food, diversity, cultural festivals ,protests, weddings, historical monuments, shopping places( from Sarojni to Emporio) and more food( which I bet is the best food of the world) are just indispensable now. Every time I go on a trip abroad, on first day I am like … why can't we live in such a peaceful place but after one week I admit that I start having the cravings for going back to my city , my Delhi. Not only I am a part of this city but now Delhi is also a part of me.

So one day  me and my best friend decided to go out without a plan and just visit random places in Delhi and yes that was my perfect day in Delhi. Actually I had never explored my city this much whenever I went to explore it with some planning. So let's get started….

Early morning breakfast at Murthal So we gave a kick start to our day with an early morning drive till Murthal. The drive was smooth and there were no typical traffic jammed roads at that time. Although there are many dhabas on the murthal highway but I chose to give a try to Sukhdev dhaba, instead of the Haveli restaurant which I had visited several times. Even at that early morning hour the tables were mostly occupied. After some efforts my friend grabbed a table and soon after seating, my taste buds were enjoying the tasty tandoor parantha along with a hot tea and this breakfast gave an awesome start to our day.
Photo of Murthal, Haryana, India by Kirti Gupta
Street Photography at Chandni Chowk After the breakfast i decided to go to Chandni Chowk for doing some street photography as I had to submit my entry for the Street Photography Competition organized by my college . When it came to street photography , I could not think of any other place but Chandni Chowk( The so called old Delhi) . Me and my friend were totally unaware of the so many streets of this place but still we started walking down the streets in search of some good photographs. Chandni Chowk actually makes you believe that you have gone back in time. We walked for some 40 minutes taking photographs and then realized that somehow we have come near the entrance of the Jama Masjid. I wanted to see Jama Masjid(the biggest mosque of Delhi) from so long but was never able to and today unknowingly I was standing in front of it. So I guess this was the surprise of the day. Then after my close inspection of the whole masjid from outside( As of course girls are not allowed to go inside) we took a rikshaw to go to Nayi Sadhak as my friend had to buy some books . There at Nayi Sadhak I discovered books at so much lower cost than the market price, so even I bought some novels. Now the warning is : that roaming around chandnichowk can make you really tired as it is really crowded and packed, but can surely give it's visitors a totally different taste of Delhi.
Photo of Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, Delhi, India by Kirti Gupta
Lunch at Olive Bar and Kitchen Now I really wanted some relaxing retreat and for that I prefer no other place but the Olive Bar and Kitchen near the Qutub minar complex. For me this is the only place in Delhi which means the ultimate relaxation with some amazing Italian food. Although this place is expensive like a lunch for two can cost around rs.3000 but the experience they deliver you here is totally worth it. The ultimate white Italian décor , the soft music, the tranquility of the open area and the waiters in flower print shirts sometimes make me feel that I am on a Caribbean island. This place is not just about amazing food but it represents food culture , people don’t come here to just have a lunch instead they have lunch here to just enjoy this place. As me and my friend wanted to have some lazy chats now so we ordered a Mezze platter along with refreshing Mojitos . The Mezze platter, when it was served I was just oggling at it I mean it was so much, 8 types of dips, with different types of breads, 4 types of salads and some other cutlets and grilled mushrooms. It gave us full 1 hour of enjoyment of taste and conversation. As the platter was huge so without having some main course we ordered the estatic red valvet cake and it was pure heaven .
Photo of Olive Bar & Kitchen, New Delhi, Delhi, India by Kirti Gupta
Sunset at Hauz Khas village By the time I finished my lunch it was 4 in the evening and so I asked my friend if he was in for going to the Hauz Khas fort and thankfully he got ready . Hauz Khas fort along with its peaceful lake view sometimes makes it hard to believe that this place is in Delhi, where there is always so much hustle and bustle. So as we reached there I grabbed on to my favorite spot in the fort , from where you can see the whole lake and enjoyed the sunset with a nice drink. The lake with old trees growing out of it, along with the deer park in the background and the historical setting of the fort like always made it a perfect sunset view.
Photo of Hauz Khas, New Delhi, Delhi, India by Kirti Gupta
Jazz Music Festival at Nehru Park It was around 6:45 when I was just leaving from Hauz Khas village, I just checked my Times of India app and got to know that the annual Jazz Music Festival was going on in Nehru Park. I had heard of this event in 2013 from some of my friends and did not wanted to miss this year's chance. So as my friend went home , I took an auto till Nehru park and reached soon after the event had started. There were various Indian and foreign Jazz music bands , which were playing that night. The event does not have any tickets or charges but still there is no unwanted crowd and the park is decorated in a very romantic way. The seats were full , so I stood for some time, then I got a seat but I left it after sometime to struggle my way and reach the group sitting on ground just in front of the stage. I thank myself that I joined that group as that was the crowd which was really enjoying the music and there just for music. A big banyan tree fully covered with beautiful lights and underneath it a band playing fantastic Jazz music , what else could anyone want?? That evening was totally magical and so meditative. There are other events also like shastriya sangeet music etc held every year in Nehru Park.
Photo of Nehru Park, Vinay Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, Delhi, India by Kirti Gupta
Dinner at Fio Country Kitchen and Bar As if all this was not enough for the day , I bounced into three of my friends at the Jazz Music Fest and there they asked me to join them for dinner. So, for dinner we went to Fio Country Kitchen and Bar this is a restaurant in the Garden Of Five Senses in Saket. Garden of Five Senses is called so because it is designed to stimulate all five senses with its beauty and attractions. This garden has some other restaurants also all with picturesque settings. The location of Fiyo is so ambient and beautiful that it completely relaxes it's visitors. The staff was polite and the food was fresh and exotic. The red lanterns hanging from the trees made the whole atmosphere angelic for me. So I had a great time with my friends over the dinner. So this was my so much a movies like perfect day in my city , my Delhi. I think I will soon just go out again without any preplanning and see that on which rollercoaster ride Delhi takes me this time.
Photo of The Garden of Five Senses, Saiyad ul Ajaib, Sainik Farm, New Delhi, Delhi, India by Kirti Gupta
Photo of The Garden of Five Senses, Saiyad ul Ajaib, Sainik Farm, New Delhi, Delhi, India by Kirti Gupta