Wanderer's Night in Delhi..!

26th Jul 2016

We all have a little wanderer hiding inside us whether we believe it or not…. We all want to get a change and have an escape from the daily routine of our life. With a billion over population living in this country, everyone doesn’t get a chance to live in the heart of the country…..which is ofcourse Delhi.

For those who are in the gambit of their jobs and tied up with a very busy schedule…. Exploring Delhi is far from imagination to them…. For the people like me who are able to see this city mostly as a transit stop from a far flung station to some other destination, the difficulty level increases exponentially…. My type of nomads will be having a couple of hours to spend in Delhi that to mostly in nights. Many of us with a disguise of what to explore in the night, restrict themselves mostly to the hotel rooms.

When this time I stopped by in Delhi for my transit to some other place, the traveller inside me overpower the lazy lad in me and I was determined to make best of this single night. I called up exactly what is supposed to be the first thing for any night out i.e. someone who is stupid enough to be a part of your craziness… thanks to maanvi for being my devil partner.

1. Commutation

The biggest problem for an outsider to enjoy a night full of adventure is commutation. The destinations in the city are well far away. Although we have the best commutation of metro but the problem with them for a night out are the restricted timings in the night. The other options are the radio cabs and ola / uber etc. But for a hidden traveller like me with a craving for driving on the smooth roads of Delhi… Car rentals like zoomcar etc are the best option. A night on the open roads of the city and a car to roam around… what else a man can ask for….

2. The Starters

Well this is an easy question to answer….. The city is full of gorgeous hangout places for which you just have to close your eyes and put your finger on any locality you like…. The more important point is to have a good company of friends to hang around with… Well! me being lucky enough to have an awesome company, proceeded to Rajouri Garden. This place offers a range of decent pubs/cafes to smooth your mind with its background music on the roof tops, easing your senses and exhaling all your worries out atleast for the night. A perfect night to start with…

Pic Courtesy: @wikimages

Photo of AMPM Café & Bar, Najafgarh Road, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Delhi, India by Nirzher Agarwal

Pic Courtesy: @maanvi bhaduria

Photo of Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Delhi, India by Nirzher Agarwal

Pic Courtesy: @wikimages

Photo of Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi, Delhi, India by Nirzher Agarwal

Pic Courtesy: @maanvi bhaduria

Photo of Raisina Hills, New Delhi, Delhi, India by Nirzher Agarwal

3. The Beats

The City takes up the beats short of the mid night hours and then is the time to let your body loose with the music and dance your heart out…. One can never forget Hauz Khas Viilage (HKV) for what it provides as a bunch of awesome dance floors to dance on. These dance floors have witnessed lots of stories being made. Social, Moonshine, Raasta being at their best. The Hauz Khas Village opens for past midnight till 0100 hrs. But after this almost all the places in the city closed down….. So will it be the end of our night out??

4. The Long Drives

After exerting yourself out on the dance floors, things seems more clearer, world feels more stable and the only thing that jumping around is our heart with a no. of things you want to do right then… What else can be more feasible for you to do other than a long drive or a long walk. If you are a time constrained person like me having an early flight in the morning…. The Long Drive to Murthal might be difficult for you…. The best thing you can have is a round of the city feeling the smooth air on the outer ring road and get surprise to see the open and empty roads past midnight hours…

5. Long Walk

One can always find his end destination in the heart of the capital at India Gate. The best thing about India Gate is its aura which can influence any person at any point of time. The forever burning Jyoti is always a thing to admire and one can have a very peaceful walk away from the noise of this world towards the Raisina Hills on Rajpath. Throughout the walk you can feel the sensation running down your body acquainting you with the real strength and sovereignty of your country. Even at the late night hours, you can find a variety of people taking the same feeling. When we were passing by one of the couple… we were being asked for a lighter…. Then we came to know that they were celebrating their fiancés birthday and due to strong drive of winds, matches were not lighting…. I don’t know how and when we became part of their happiness singing on top of our voices and trying all sorts of methods to light up the candles and burning our hands out as a token of celebrations…..!!

Reaching Raisina Hills gives goose bumps to you seeing the symbol of national honour….. The Rashtrapati Bhawan… You won’t be able to blink your eyes till the Delhi Police doesn’t come to ask questioning about your presence at the very place. But with this image of national integrity you can bid adieu to the night keeping so many memories from different facets of the city and trying to capture them in one night…..!!!

Wanderers like me who are hard pressed with their course of life…. not been able to take out as much time it requires to explore the whole city, for them sneaking out for a while and cherish the bits and pieces is the best option...

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