Travel in Anguilla island

1st Jun 2020
Day 1

Anguilla’s Attractions

Many tourists search for a secluded island floating on the water. An island where tourists want to spend time and it means a gem to them. At one point in the search, we came across an island where we could spend time in peace. The name of this wonderful Caribbean island is Anguilla. Which is quite a small place located in the East Caribbean. With blue water, green nature, golden sand, and white houses, this splendor can be at the top of the tourist attraction. Take a vacation tour here, visit the resorts.

Day 2

Saint Barthelemy:

The hills scattered around the city and the houses of the red roofs will catch the eye of the visitors. Contains European culture and the city is quite vibrant. The beach is very quiet and many people are looking for such a place. Just 42.2 kilometers from the capital, you can come by boat or water plane as you wish. Come for delicious food at LE TAMARIN restaurant. Lots of expensive hotels here, 1000 USD or more may have to be counted.

Day 3

The Valley:

As is the capital city, so is the bustling environment, the gathering of people is all here, It is one of the most commercial cities in the region and is a great place to shop. However, despite being a busy city, there are bird sanctuaries that are not seen in many big cities, it is exceptional. This place has a view of the old stone which was probably built around 1790. Visit the art galleries; you can buy some antiques of your choice. Hotels within 300 USD can be found in The Valley.

Day 4

Meads Bay Beach:

This island of soft sand and clear warm water is a favorite destination of tourists. The bathing experience here is quite comfortable for many visitors. Fishing, takes a boat ride, and enjoys nature in a comfortable chair with a glass of juice. There are some good restaurants here, go there if you want to eat delicious fresh seafood. The resorts will probably be better for staying.

Day 5

Sandy Ground Village:

This green village by the sea can attract you strongly, if you want to get acquainted with their cultural heritage, spend some time in this village, and get to know the local people here. It is a port area of ​​Anguilla. Look for good quality food in local restaurants, hopefully don’t be disappointed. The village plants are a bird sanctuary; several years ago it was famous for its salt industry. Sandy Ground Village's nightlife is unimaginably beautiful. Find a secluded hotel for a few days.

Anguilla Dive Sites:

Take a tour of the acclaimed underwater park; get acquainted with the underwater life. Don't think of gardens when you see turtles in groups! The place has more than five sea parks under water. Experience a variety of algae, Coral and colorful fish but beware of sharks. If diving is like an addiction for you then what are you doing standing on the shore? Get down into the water.