Unforgettable experience in Europe



My never ending love for Europe is worth sharing be coz I spent fantabulous 45 days there. My first step in Europe was at frankfurt airport. The refreshing air, pollution free atmosphere chill wind blowing and whistling across my ears gave me a warm welcome. After exploring frankfurt city I moved to tubingen where I actually stayed.

The sweet small city was decorated with colorful flowers as this was the summer time there (june ). Necker-the small stream there is the main attraction where tourists take ferry ride and drink n sing. My weekend was at beautiful Switzerland 's Rhine fall. The huge waterfall make everyone fall in love with Switz natural beauty. I explored tubingen and did some shopping on the weekdays. I found amazing stuff at reasonable prices ????as there was sale all around. . My favourite shops were műller,taco, new yorker and h n m . While shopping, I met some new people. Since I was unaware of the language, my expressions were my new tongue. I met people at the shops n they were so warm helpful. They actually made efforts to get what I was trying to say. Next weekend was at Austria, yet another lovely place depicting the European culture. The buildings ,hotels and shops were epitome of their rich culture. I wanted to spend some quality time with my partner so we planned to go to Greece. Corfu-an island, was as beautiful as heaven. A mix of green n blue water was surrounding the land area. I tried Greek food and was really impressed by the presentation style. For the first time in my life,I did parasailing. An amazing experience that actually made me thought that life is too short to explore. And finally mu trip ended with some 2500 photos and many more memories. This trip changed the way I used to take life.

Photo of Europe by Jyoti Aggarwal
Photo of Europe by Jyoti Aggarwal

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