Bergen: A vibrant city brimming with charm

Photo of Bergen: A vibrant city brimming with charm by Aditi Mutyapwar

Bergen is a compact city nestled between mountains. Bergen's centre is filled with historical brick and wooden buildings, winding cobblestone streets, a huge central park, Gothic churches, and little squares. Bergen is rich in scenery and amazing things/attractions to do. In the harbour, there is a fish market where you can eat some of the best fish in the country and visit some of the most beautiful, UNESCO heritage - fjords of the world.

Must-do things in Bergen:

1. Visit the mountains:

Bergen is surrounded by seven mountains and a visit to one of the mountains is a must! Take the funicular up to the top of Mount Fløyen and enjoy the great view of Bergen and the surrounding area. The large viewpoint is the best spot for taking panoramic pictures of the city. There is also a number of nice trails and paths for hiking. The highest mountain (Urliken) can be reached with Ulriken Cable Car just outside the city center.

Photo of Bergen: A vibrant city brimming with charm 1/5 by Aditi Mutyapwar 2. Visit Bryggen:

Bryggen ("wharf" in Norwegian) is one of the oldest parts of Bergen and consists of beautiful 14th-century Hanseatic League's trading Empire, including some of the few remaining wooden structures. There are a lot of narrow alleys and pathways to wander around. Most of the buildings are tourist shops, and much of the woodwork is original and it's pretty amazing to look at. This area inspired the city of Arrendelle in Frozen and is just beyond charming.

Photo of Bergen: A vibrant city brimming with charm 2/5 by Aditi MutyapwarPhoto of Bergen: A vibrant city brimming with charm 3/5 by Aditi Mutyapwar 3. Visit Bergen's Fish Market:

Bergen's fish market is a culinary treat. Located right downtown on the wharf, it's easy to visit. There are vendors there all day, though you'll find more in the morning. Take advantage of the vendors who are more than happy to give out free samples if you just want a taste. Make sure you try the salmon and caviar. We tried some amazing Fish and Chips and Prawns dish at " Fish Me " restaurant right next to the fish market.

Photo of Bergen: A vibrant city brimming with charm 4/5 by Aditi MutyapwarPhoto of Bergen: A vibrant city brimming with charm 5/5 by Aditi Mutyapwar 4. Explore the beautiful Norwegian Fjords:

Bergen itself sits in a fjord, but it would be a shame to come to the west coast of Norway and not take a boat through one of Norway's most picturesque fjords, many of which are within day-trip distance of the city. Depending on whether you have only three days in Bergen or have some more wiggle room in your schedule, you have two options for seeing fjords from Bergen. The easiest and cheapest one (550 NOK, or about $65 per person as of January 2017) starts near Bergen's fish market and explores the stunning Osterfjorden for about four hours during the day ( for more information) and the other one (recommended) is to opt for Norway in a Nutshell tour.

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Things to know before travelling to Bergen:

Bergen is also famous for getting 270 days of rain per year. Make sure to check the weather forecast before planning a trip! We were lucky enough to get beautiful clear sky and bright sunny day around Bergen and we really loved it. Bergen is a fun place, with a lot of history and great food.

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How to Save Money (Norway being the expensive country):

Norway is notoriously expensive. As baseline prices go, coffees are a good 1-2 Euro more than they would be anywhere else in Europe with alcohol at 4+ Euro excess. This is where you plan well and buy some beers in duty-free or carry from your home country.

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