A weekend at Nature Camp Konark

24th Jan 2015
Photo of A weekend at Nature Camp Konark 1/7 by Srijita Kundu
Photo of A weekend at Nature Camp Konark 2/7 by Srijita Kundu
The bday boy
Photo of A weekend at Nature Camp Konark 3/7 by Srijita Kundu
Photo of A weekend at Nature Camp Konark 4/7 by Srijita Kundu
Paddy Fields
Photo of A weekend at Nature Camp Konark 5/7 by Srijita Kundu
Photo of A weekend at Nature Camp Konark 6/7 by Srijita Kundu
Relaxing afternoon
Photo of A weekend at Nature Camp Konark 7/7 by Srijita Kundu
Odiya Cuisine

It was my husband’s B’day, how could I let it go waste sitting at home. Thus this became another of our sudden weekend trips. After a day or two of quick research on the internet we zeroed on Nature Camp, Konark as our destination for the day and so we set off on 23rd (eve of my Hubby darling’s bday) to Puri. Yes! we did try to not miss a small round of cake eating (not cutting) session at 12’o clock in the train (when co passengers were fast asleep). 24th Jan – Early morning we took a cab from the station and headed off to our destination which is situated on the way to Konark (10kms from Konark) from Puri. Its on the banks of the river Ramchandi. It was a perfect romantic setting to celebrate the bday of your loved one. We were the only guests for the day, an extra bonus :-P . We were greeted by a black Labrador named “Shadow” as soon as we entered the premises. Soon we checked into our tent and freshened up to have our breakfast.

There are various board games like chess, ludo etc are kept for guests to play, books and magazines to read and hammocks to lay on. After some relaxing and playing around with Shadow we booked a boat (through the camp manager) and visited the nearby unnamed virgin beach just across the river behind the camp.

this was a true virgin beach to our surprise. There was no body else except the two of us and the boatman far away near the boat. We savored the beauty of the lonely beach and the rough angry waves of the Bay of Bengal. Soon we were into the waters after lots of speculation about the depth and slope and other technicalities of the beach.

Obviously no trip is complete without a photo session, thanks to our boatman who volunteered to be our photographer on the lone island. Tired after all the fun we moved back to our camp and had a shower. Soon after we were served the authentic Odiya thali ( Scrumptious,delectable,yummy etc would fall short to describe it ).

The camp also provides facility of cycling around the area and fishing in the river all free of cost. But we were too full and tired to try fishing in the afternoon any more. Although we took a bicycle ride (me being the pillion rider :-P) around the rice fields at the backside of the camp.

The evening was cold considering the camps proximity to river and the surrounding greenery. A  bonfire was arranged in the evening with a cake and bouquet  (the surprise for my sweetheart) and thus the day ended on a happy and romantic note.

Next morning we were off to Bhubaneshwar with sweet memories in our minds. The camp is definitely reasonable, clean and well maintained. The staff was very homely and helpful. In all its surely a great weekend getaway. http://www.naturecampindia.com/konark.html  – for reference

nice and homely atmosphere amidst nature and courteous welcoming staff and also a pleasant surprise due to presence of a Black Labrador named Shadow.
Photo of Konark Nature Camp by Srijita Kundu