Never Bean Better: Brew up a Storm at Home With Coffee Made by this Adhivasi Tribe of India



Photo of Never Bean Better: Brew up a Storm at Home With Coffee Made by this Adhivasi Tribe of India by Sushantika

Coffee is known to have several health benefits - it helps keep heart attacks at bay and helps improve concentration. Not only this but coffee can also help you feel happier and reduce depression. It's no wonder then that a great cup of coffee can sometimes elevate your mood and get you through a tough day!

And we could certainly use some happy company during these daunting times when we're at home, surrounded by uncertainty.

Luckily the recently opened flagship store of Araku Coffee is serving up great blends which can offer us that much needed dose of serotonin.

Unique brews that retain the authencity of the tribes of India

The single origin coffee is nurtured by the local tribal community who spend their time on the farms located in the Eastern Ghats of India. With a promise of bean to cup in the most exquisite way, this coffee isn't just about a pleasurable shot. As you pour yourself a rich blend, the coffee beans sing a you a story. Coffee beans carefully curated by the Adhivasi tribes of India in Andhra Pradesh's gorgeous Araku Valley make their way to your home after being nurtured by the most skilled artisans.

Previously present only in Paris, France, Araku Coffee has now found a new home in Bengaluru. These 'coffee-scented postcards' unravel a larger purpose as you sip through an energizing cup of coffee. Sustainably sourced and completely organic, these coffee beans are handpicked by the farmers who work with international coffee experts to create a blend that's unique to the Araku Valley.

The model is one with a purpose - to bring together farmers and coffee experts within a cooperative society. This model ensures that the producers of coffee, the Adhivasi tribe, reap the benefits of their efforts without having to worry about middle-men who could take away from the profits of the community.

Specialty coffee created by coffee connoisseurs at the source

Araku Coffee offers a variety of blends which have been handcrafted by international French coffee expert Hippolyte Courty. Each blend is created to showcase the balance, smoothness and the well-rounded flavours that are unique to the coffee beans of the Araku Valley.

The coffee is sold in powder and bean form allowing you to brew your cup of coffee just the way you like it. With four blends on offer, coffee lovers can rejoice with flavours that complement the natural flavour of the beans while playfully taking your palate on a journey through the coffee plantations of the valley. Try a range of flavours and grinds that range from dark chocolate to green peppers and even tropical fruits. Better still, order all four to take your taste buds on a trail of flavours with every sip.

Everything a coffee-alchemist needs to create magic at home

Araku Coffee knows that a seasoned coffee lover won't stop at just an ordinary cup of brew. It's essential to have the right equipment to go along with the specialty coffee in order to be able to enjoy the beans the way it should be! The flagship store ships coffee equipment that's been specially designed by Italian coffee makers Anderssen & Voll. It's a fitting way to bring out the depths of the coffee from the valley so you're left wanting more with every shot.

A lesson in coffee brewing from the comfort of your home

Not sure if you know exactly what creates a perfect cuppa? The Araku Coffee Brew Guide is just the thing you need to improve your CQ - coffee quotient that is! Whether it's creating the right balance with a French Press or taking it slow and easy with a Chemex, the brew guide can help you attain coffee-nirvana with video guides and instructions that can take a newbie to coffee-expert in a few cups!

'Latte it go' over a cup of coffee from Araku Valley!

The Araku Coffee India flagship store offers a host of delicious dishes and the choicest of coffee drinks to choose from. The cafe also offers experiences like coffee tasting, a guided tour of the blends and much more. But if you're facing a lockdown and can't step out, you can order coffee beans and equipment from the website. Araku Coffee India ships all over the country allowing you to experience the rich, memorable blend right from the comfort and safety of your home.

So what are you waiting for? It's time for that shot, a shot of coffee that is!

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