Why Machu Picchu is an adventurous trekking travel?


There are many tourist attractions in the world. The beauty of the nature like mountains, birds, flowers attract the attention of the people. During vacations people will plan to go for tourism with their family or friends. Some people wish to travel abroad to entertain their holidays. In that case Peru is the country that most people wish to travel because of its nature’s gift. The scenery of the nature, mountains, lakes, beaches, bicycle riding, hiking, trekking features captivate the travelers visiting the country.  With the various parts of the peru people can explore various things, have fun activities and thrilling experience. Traversing the paths of forest and jungles will be more exciting to the people visiting the peru. The inka architects provide the adventurous travel to visit the jungles through trekking. During your trekking through the forests you can visit out the variety species of plants, animals and flowers. On the way you can also have the sight of green plantations around the city.Photo of Why Machu Picchu is an adventurous trekking travel? 1/3 by Shirley Victor

The Machu Picchu is one of the famous travel spot for the peru visitors. With the help of inca travel architects it is now possible to see the awesome view of the mountains floating in the cloud. It makes the travelers to wonder and get satisfaction of their journey. To visit and have fun in the Machu Picchu the inca trial tour is available for the people where you can see the natural and cultural beauty surrounded your way. Trekking is most welcomed among the people in recent days due to its adventurous experience. The inca trial tour in Peru includes 43 kilometers of trekking experience to the people. In this journey you can see the andes mountain with full of natural scenes. After that you are guided to travel to the forests and jungles which is the most excitement situation for the visitors. While trekking through the jungles you can see the different species of small animals like monkeys, frogs, insects and so on. Some historical places can also be seen here for the first time by the trekking people. In Peru you can find number of systems that gives you route for trekking. But with the incas you can experience the safe and memorable journey in your life.Photo of Why Machu Picchu is an adventurous trekking travel? 2/3 by Shirley Victor

The ancient routes that are ruined in this age can be discovered with the help of the inca trekking which paves the way to get sight of the ancient people lifestyle. This trekking route will lead you to the Machu Picchu directly where you can see the beautiful view of sunrise. As the journey is about 43 kms it almost takes atleast 4 days to end your trekking to machu picchu. Some people will choose the flight that are not expensive for internal travel or they can choose the trains which also gives good views for the travelers. At your first level of journey you will travel cusco where you can see the snowy mountains and variety of colorful flowers along the way. At llactapata lunch will be provided for the day and after that you can start trek to the huayllabamba. It will take take almost the evening time to reach this place so that you can start preparing your dinner after setting out the camp there.Photo of Why Machu Picchu is an adventurous trekking travel? 3/3 by Shirley Victor

At Huayllabamba you can hear the silent sounds of birds at the fresh morning of your second day journey. You can have your breakfast here and can start the 2nd day trekking. This trek will lead you to the place warmiwanusca and pacaymayo. Here you can see the different type of ecosystems, huge trees with giant woods and ways of rock road. After crossing the river area you will have rest for the 2nd day. After finishing the breakfast here you can start move to the runkurakay where you can see the archeological sites and ancient ruins after this the 3rd trek will end here. During your final day trek you will reach the sun gate. From sun gate you can get a good view of the entrance of the machu picchu. After reaching this place you can get the sight of historical ruined monuments, towers, rocks and temples. After this you will be picked up in the train with full satisfaction of the journey.