Baan Teelanka- The Upside Down House of Phuket


Are you someone who likes thinking out of the box? Do you fancy things upside down? How would it feel if you are walking on the ceiling? Step out of your imagination and enter the upside down house of Phuket, Baal Teelanka. Believe it or not, you can actually walk on ceilings and look up to see the floor! Leave all logic behind as you enter this unique house on your next trip to Phuket.

(c) Baan Teelanka

Photo of Baan Teelanka - The UpsideDown House of Phuket, Chalermprakiat Ratchakan Thi 9 Road, Ratsada, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket, Thailand by Ginny Bansal

The Upside Down House

One of Phuket’s most popular and unique attractions, the upside down house will let give you a different view of the world altogether. Located on the bypass road on the northern outskirts of Phuket town, the three-storey house is ideal for people of all age groups. The place was designed and managed by a Swiss-Thai couple and was opened for public in April 2014. The place offers some crazy photo opportunities that are bound to light up your Instagram feed.

(c) Baan Teelanka

Photo of Baan Teelanka- The Upside Down House of Phuket by Ginny Bansal

As soon as you enter the house, the brain goes topsy turvy. All the furniture, cars and household items are attached to the ceilings. The house also has a colourful living room, a cosy bedroom, reading corner, bar and a fully stocked kitchen. Not just that, the house also has functional upside down aquariums! The place is also available for private photo sessions in the evenings which you can instantly share on social media using the complimentary wi-fi.

If you think that the upside down is the only quirky part about Baal Teelanka, read on!


(c) Baan Teelanka

Photo of Baan Teelanka- The Upside Down House of Phuket by Ginny Bansal

Visiting a normal garden after the upside down house would feel quite boring and that’s why this place also has a 1,000 sq.m labyrinth. The maze is modified using seven gates, offering an amazing view of different tracks. Head here and race with your friends and family to be the fastest one to figure a way out of the maze!

The Chamber of Secrets

This is a real-life ‘room escape’ game, featuring two separate series of rooms: Jenny’s love coordination and Room omega. The former can be played by up to four participants and completed within 40 minutes, while the latter can be played by up to six participants and completed within 60 minutes. Players are locked in a room where they must find clues to help them to find the key required to open the door to the next room before finally finding their way out. 

(c) Baan Teelanka

Photo of Baan Teelanka- The Upside Down House of Phuket by Ginny Bansal

You can also tickle your senses by going for a 9D virtual reality film.

How to Reach?

Located on the Bypass Road on the northern outskirts of Phuket town, Baan Teelanka is easy to find. Make sure you keep your eyes on the left once you cross the outlet shopping village to spot the red Volkswagen Beetle parked upside down in front of the house.

Timings: 10:00 am-6:00 pm

Location: 51/11 Moo 5, Amphoe Muang Phuket, Thailand- 83000

Price: Adults – Rs.700 (approx)/ Children- Rs. 400 (approx.)

Contact: +66 844565279

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