Day trip to Phagnam Bay, Phuket Thailand

Photo of Day trip to Phagnam Bay, Phuket Thailand by Preetha

One of the most popular day trips that you can do from Phuket, Thailand is the trip to Phagnam Bay. These trips are also available from Krabi or Ko Lanta. Most of these trips are using speedboat because of the distance that needs to covered to reach the bay. The famous James Bond Island is a part of this bay.

One thing to note on these package trips is that they are sold at most places in Phuket and prices can vary, so it looked like it is expected that you will bargain down the price for a good deal. We signed up for a speedboat trip. Ended up that on the boat there were only a total of 10 people. With the day being pretty sunny all the other travelers opted to sit in the shaded part and it was just us at the deck having the entire front deck space to just me and my friend. Its a great experience sitting in the front but the sun was so strong that even after covering ourselves with suntan we got majorly tanned by the end of the trip :), which with me being darker skinned I dont tan I become black :) :)

Almost all tours would have the same itinerary starting with Ko Panaka which has the Icrecream Cave, huge stalactite formations you can admire within this cave. The water was not too deep and hence we were able to get into this cave and walk around the area.

Photo of Day trip to Phagnam Bay, Phuket Thailand 1/6 by Preetha
Stalactites at Icrecream cave with view of nearby islands

A quick drive will take you to the a huge boat that is stationed near Ko Hong. Canoes are rented out by this boat which is included in the package. So you get onto a canoe in pairs with the boatman and he will take you through the caves formed by one of the islands. If you have opted for Kayaking this would also be the place to kayak your way into the cave and around the set of islands here. You spend about 20-30 mins in the canoe before getting back to the big stationary boat and back onto your speedboat.

Photo of Day trip to Phagnam Bay, Phuket Thailand 2/6 by Preetha
Canoes are taken through the cave fored by thisisland
Photo of Day trip to Phagnam Bay, Phuket Thailand 3/6 by Preetha

Ko Panyi is the next point. A Muslim settlement having stilted houses and a small mosque at the shore. Most of the package tours will stop here for lunch and you just get a glimpse of the Muslim settlement. There are tours which spend more time at this island and will take you into the interior parts. We had a good lunch here before moving on.

Photo of Day trip to Phagnam Bay, Phuket Thailand 4/6 by Preetha
The houses on stilts at the island with the mosque towards the back

James Bond Island made of Khao Ping Khan and Khao Tapu the main attraction of Phang Nga Bay. The most seen pictures portraying Phuket and Phang-nga Bay is of the Khao Tapu the steep mountain looking like a gigantic nail driven deep into the sea. The speedboats drop you off at one end and you have about 30-45 mins to walk around, take pictures and also pick up some souvenirs.

Photo of Day trip to Phagnam Bay, Phuket Thailand 5/6 by Preetha
James Bond island as seen approaching it by the boat

Last point in this trip is the Lawa island having a long beach. A very good place to snorkel, swim or just laze at the beach.

Photo of Day trip to Phagnam Bay, Phuket Thailand 6/6 by Preetha
Lawa Island, Phang Nga Bay, Thailand

So thats the end of the day trip. You race back the mainland post this and should be back at your hotels by around 5pm or so.