Swimming in the middle of the sea??

24th Oct 2019
Photo of Swimming in the middle of the sea?? by Rhishabh Naredi

The day in Phuket after a crazy night started pretty well, with mist in the air and a great sunrise view from our balcony and to be honest I had a great feeling for the day ahead which soon turned out to be right.
After heavy breakfast we headed in a van to seashore reaching to one of the shack shops with benches and a small table of fruits kept in the center, a lady welcomed us warm-heartedly.
Soon we were given snorkels for the trip, we got ourselves settled into a speed boat with a Thai lady being our guide for the rest of the trip and soon we were in the middle of the sea. The weather was pleasant and the water was blue and shining.
Who knew we were about to swim in this? Soon we ended up at a secretive location (as it seemed), where the water was different colored than the regular, it was sea-green but still was very clean. I couldn’t believe that a patch of water in the middle of the sea was colored differed. This patch was covered with a mountain in the middle of the sea which kind of was differentiating it from the rest.
She asked us to jump into the water and enjoy as much as we could and the next thing I knew was me striking off something from my bucket list – swimming in the middle of the sea!!
Who knew this wasn’t it, getting back in the boat she announced something, “we have two different activities, Scuba Diving, and Snorkeling. Scuba will cost you 2000 Bhat extra while snorkeling is free”
I couldn’t let go of this opportunity to strike off another thing from my bucket list so without thinking I went on with Scuba diving.
We were asked to change the boat and soon were headed to a different location where 3 Thai men helped us dress up in our scuba suits and we were now ready to explore the inner sea. The signs were pretty much clear show thumbs up if you want to go up but I didn’t want to go up at all as I entered the sea.
The blue sea was filled with fishes, orange, blue, pink, even transparent, how do mother nature surprise us with the best of it!! <div>A plant that sucked our fingers in and another plant that went small as we touched it, I didn’t know the name of any of it neither fishes nor plants till I, at last, found Nemo swimming with us, at last something am aware of I laughed to myself.
The sun was over our head and we already were done with a lot many things but wait there still was a list of things.
We ended up on this beautiful island named Phi Phi for our lunch where we again met our companions and the same Thai lady guide. Everyone who couldn’t join in was shooting us with questions but it was and still is difficult to convey the best of the experience we had!
Lunch was good but now I knew I wasn’t a huge fan of Thai food because of lack of spices and too much of sweetness so I resorted to fruits and some snacks we had carried caus obviously that’s what Indians do!!
Soon we were tired and sleepy, and getting into the boat we headed to the Monkey Island, an island filled with nothing but money and quicksand beach, the island was beautiful indeed where people went crazy to click pictures with money (I mean why?)
Soon we were taken to another island which wasn’t the same as Monkey or Phi Phi, this island had a vibe that it was throwing, the Marley music with beer being sold by a shack and a guy dressed like him juggling.
Spending some more time, dancing swimming and drinking we left for the shore, all sleepy and tired but filled with memories. I couldn’t believe the first day in the city and I already had checked two things off my bucket list. I wasn’t sure what else Thailand had for me!!

Hey, guys, I hope you all liked this article of mine! Also, do check out my other article which was a prequel to this article where I talk about how my first night on Phuket streets went crazy!! Also, stay tuned for more stories from my Thailand Diary.

Happy Traveling!

Photo of Phi Phi Islands, Krabi, Thailand by Rhishabh Naredi
Photo of Phi Phi Islands, Krabi, Thailand by Rhishabh Naredi


Photo of Phi Phi Islands, Krabi, Thailand by Rhishabh Naredi

Monkey Island :p

Photo of Phi Phi Islands, Krabi, Thailand by Rhishabh Naredi

Monkey Island

Photo of Phi Phi Islands, Krabi, Thailand by Rhishabh Naredi


Photo of Phi Phi Islands, Krabi, Thailand by Rhishabh Naredi