Sattanurupa Saha
The important institution in this area is popularly known as Chandigarh University. The university has got an excellent campus with huge green fields and well designed building. The glamour of the university still articulate the visitor to step in the campus. The university is built at one end of the city. One should make it a choice of place to visit whenever visit the city beautiful. Any visitor will have a nice feeling moving around the camus and carry forward a feeling for long. The next day 9th April 2006, we left the hotel for Shimla at morning at 09.00 hrs and we went to Chandigarh bus stop to board on deluxe bus to move to Shimla. The journey was extremely beautiful and full of excitement. We experienced lavish green environment and had seen colourful flowers all around. Smooth roards throughout the distance kept us in good comfort.